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Feb 15, 2010 09:51 AM

Mexican or Chinese by SF Airport

A friend and I are going to be dropped off on a Thursday night at our airport hotel before our flight back to Philly the next morning. Can anyone suggest a good Mexican place? Or Chinese? If not, what other suggestions do you have. Would prefer a more laid back/casual place.

And thanks!

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  1. In San Mateo on 3rd Ave there's 5-6 taquerias, La Cumbre, Tres Amigos, Taqueria Las Cazuelas, Los Primos Taqueria and Pancho Villa. All are very casual since they're taquerias.

    Look at this, anything on B Street is in downtown San Mateo.

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      San Mateo is a little far from the airport for a car-less trip for dinner. As people have noted below, there are several good Chinese restaurants in Millbrae: Asian Pearl, the Kitchen and Zen Peninsula, etc. In South San Francisco there are a couple of decent Mexican places. La Morena and La Perla are worth checking out.

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        I guess it depends on where the hotel is and how the ride works, etc. If it's only public transportation I'd go to the Millbrae BART station and walk the 15 minutes to Shanghai Dumpling Shop and order a bunch of XLBs.

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          This link thing isn't work so great.

    2. You say dropped off--are you looking for walking distance? If so, which hotel?

      Hung To is just four miles from SFO but you'd need a car.

      Hung To Seafood
      221 S Spruce Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080

      1. We like Fook Yuen, though we usually go for dim sum and haven't tried it for dinner. It's probably a short cab ride away.

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            Our hotel, a Best Western, I think, is on Grosevnor's Blvd (sp?). And yes. No car but willing to cab it within reason.

        1. Are you going to have dinner before being dropped off? Otherwise you want walking distance to your hotel? If so which hotel?

          1. Hong Kong Flower Lounge is right off of Millbrae Ave...there's a bunch of places in Millbrae that are good pre SFO

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              I have a similar inquiry but we'll have a car. For dinner (not dim sum) any recs between the multiple chinese places mentioned, --Asian Pearl, the Kitchen, Zen Peninsula, HKFL, Hung To or Koi Palace?

              Or are any of the mexican places really stand outs?