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Feb 15, 2010 09:30 AM

Best Tasting Menu / Value in NYC?..

dear my fellow hounds?..

i'm trying to plan a nyc restaurant tour for my brother(who is a chef) when he comes in for a week in april?...

I will take anyone's opinion as to the best tasting menu's in the city ...along with the best value?...all types of cuisine are fine...


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  1. Absolute best, no price ceiling? Does that include wine pairings or not?

    Best value would have to be Degustation's 10 course for $75.

    1. The single most over-the-top, elaborate tasting menu in NYC is found at Per Se. In addition to the standard 9 course menu ($275), they offer a customizable extended tasting with an extended presentation of canap├ęs. Expect around 20 courses, 5-6 hours total dining time, and being $450+ poorer per person, not including wine. A really long and really expensive meal, no doubt.

      The two current tasting menus at Le Bernardin are exceptional (7 courses, $138; 8 courses, $185). The wine pairings are spectacular and if you can afford it, they shouldn't be missed; they are intelligently chosen and elevate the tasting menus to an even higher level. I think the 7 course tasting is a very good value when compared to the tasting menus of Le Bernardin's 3 Michelin starred peers.

      In terms of fine dining value, Eleven Madison Park's 11 course Gourmand ($175) tasting is the clear winner. A great experience all-around. Also consider the 5 course Gourmand lunch ($68).

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        I would say most plates for cheapest would be Degustation or Babbo (if you get in).....but you've always gotta put quality into the picture.

        I think EMP is your best bet.

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          I absolutey agree on Eleven Madison Park. Check their menu on line for all their various tasting menu options.

      2. For best value, consider shifting up your eating time and do a tasting menu at lunch time. As people noted, the EMP Gourmand Lunch is a great bargain.

        We did the Del Posto tasting menu at lunch, and it was great. Same meal course-for-course as dinner at a nice discount ($75 per person compared to $125 at dinner).

        Veritas - we did the 9 course tasting when it was $135, this past summer. Looks like it is now at $155. Completely amazing meal, really enjoyed it, but not a great 'discount," so much as just a great restaurant experience.