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Feb 15, 2010 09:27 AM

Help finding GOOD FOOD in ocean/monmouth

I am new to chowhound, but really like it so far. What I am looking for is a higher end place that has more of a cutting edge menu. Really no specific ethnicity or style just crazy great food. There are plenty of places in nyc but I don't feel like taking the ride. Looking for a place for next week.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Try Fiddleheads Restaurant in Jamesburg. I know it's not in Monmouth/Ocean county, but it's very close to Englishtown/Manalapan area.
      Food is always outstanding, special and eclectic. It's higher end, but the atmosphere is really warm. Owners are salt of the earth nice.
      Check out the special events there like opera night and also their Sunday brunch is terrific. The place is good for a date night and also for business lunches.

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        Try Belford Bistro I don't think you'll be disappointed

      2. Ama in Atlantic Highlands- Authentic Tuscan Food- Amazing. BYOB, and make a reservation.

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          I always forget about Ama. I have been meaning to try. Do they serve lunch as well? Any recommendations on what you ordered that was good? Thanks!

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              I second Daniel's Bistro IN PP! Trinity(Keyport) is another great place! If you are into Japanese food, my favorite is Nobi in Toms River. I do not consider Nobi as a higher end with cutting edge but it is great food! Check out the reviews on the broad for these places.

            2. re: Angelina

              No, no lunch yet. Basically everything Pat makes is amazing. Last week we had an artichoke salad and a salmon course which both were fantastic.