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Feb 15, 2010 09:25 AM

Market Table?

How's the food and drink at Market Table? Looking for a romantic spot comfortable for a lesbian couple's anniversary; hotel is in East Village.

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  1. its a nice spot but the food has always bored me to tears. food-wise i prefer perilla nearby off west 4th.

    1. It's a very nice place and the food is consistent and very good. Not mind-blowing but always a great meal!

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        i went a few weeks ago and was pretty disappointed. it wasn't bad...just nothing special. i would look elsewhere since it is a special occassion.

      2. I'm with the earlier "boring food" comment. It has good ambiance, but nothing more to excite me beyond that.

        1. The food is nothing special, overpriced IMO and it's excruciatingly loud, and cramped. It is not at all romantic. Perilla, as suggested above, is a much better choice, but ask for one of the 2-tops next to the wall as opposed to the row of tables along the banquette, which are close together and can be noisy. I would also recommend Bar Blanc.