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Feb 15, 2010 08:16 AM

Thoughts on Ashby Inn

Looking for early spring get away to the hunt/wine country in NoVa for myself and my girlfriend. I've heard great things about the Ashby Inn, but I've also read some bad reviews. Has anyone had recent experience there at the restaurant or as a guest of the Inn?

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  1. Sorry, nothing recent but I have been several times. Never had a bad experience, but then again I think that allot of the negative reviews are just the 5% of the folks that will always find something to complain about. Go and have fun and form your own opinion!!

    1. I was there about two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed dinner there. I plan to return sometime this year!!!!!

      1. We went back to the Ashby Inn after a year .It really had gone downhill and the last visit (Jan. 2009) was a real disappointment. It has gotten much better thanks to the chef Tarver King and the new managing husband/wife team. All coming from the Goodstone Inn, Chef King has improved the food quality at the Ashby Inn, which had needed a major overhaul. While at the Goodstone, King did remarkable things with food. It was food alchemy and fabulous. While Ashby Inn isn't quite as scientific it is delicious. I recommend the Scotch Egg appetizer. The yolk is soft boiled and it is the best scotch egg I have ever eaten. The duck was very good as was our companions smoked beef. My husbands pork was over cooked but all in all it was good. It is a beautiful inn, service is attentive without being overbearing and worth the drive. We enjoyed our night there and would recommend it.

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          I'm sorry to hear it is going down hill. I have been twice and thought my meals were some of the best I had ever eaten.

        2. I, too, think that it HAD been not as good in recent years as it was many years ago. However, we gave it another try last month (under new owners) and were very impressed and pleased with both the food and the service. We would definitely go back and look forward to doing so soon.

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