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Feb 15, 2010 07:21 AM

Special meal downtown for 2: Decca77 or L'Inconnu?

Hi All,
Long-time lurker, first-time poster here!

Im trying to plan a "special" evening with the missus tomorrow (Tuesday Feb. 16th) by going to an Orchestre Symphonique show (at 8PM).
Im trying to find a nice resto for a good & hopefully even surprising meal beforehand (thinking of reserving for 6PM).
Im thinking in the about-80$ range for 2 (sans wine & tax), and was thus considering either Decca77's prix fice at 35$ or L'Inconnu's prix fixe at 40$.

We both have mediterranean blood so we aren't usually moved by Italian restos (had our latest summer vacation in Italy, so Mtl doesn't woo us much in that dept). We love more "ethnic" type cuisine (if I may say it that way) but I want something nice & fresh as cuisine-type before sitting down for 2 hours.
Also -- important point -- my better half is vegetarian.
I thus thought of Takara (in Cours Mont-Royal) but I didn't think it would be as "surprising" as a haute-cuisine meal like Decca or Inconnu. Im not sure though. Also thought of Seingalt and Beaver Hall, but I wanted something more than bistro food.
I'm looking for a downtown-ish location, pretty close to PDA.

Thanks for suggestions!


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. For reviews on L'Inconnu, please check out this thread

        L'Inconnu is a very nice restaurant, great atmosphere and food. Definetely great for a "special" meal. I am sure you will not be disappointed if you go.
        However, I would mention that you would like a vegetarian menu for one of you when reserving.

        I have not been to Decca yet, so I cannot comment.

        1. i've been to decca77. I wasn't blown away from the food. It was probably good, but not memorable. What i do remember is that they have a MASSIVE wine cellar in a glass room where there are elevators to reach the top level.

        2. Excuse my going into broken record mode but for "cuisine-type" and (often) surprising with excellent vegetarian options, Au Cinquième Péché is hard to beat. What's more, it opens at 5:30, giving you a little more wiggle room. Located about five minutes from the Mont-Royal metro or a short taxi ride away from PDA.

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            Does Au Cinquième Péché usually have 1 or 2 fish or shellfish dishes on the daily menu?

            1. re: phoenikia

              Having been only twice since the chef and head waiter, the Lenglet brothers, bought out the other partners and switched to a menu that changes weekly if not daily and, as a result, stopped posting the menu online, I can't say for sure. If I recall correctly, on Tuesday of last week there were two seafood starters (shrimp ala plancha and house-smoked salmon) and at least one fish main (monkfish?). We were there for a prix fixe winemaker's dinner, so I didn't pay much attention to the à la carte menu and may be forgetting things. Sorry. You can always call and ask.

              1. re: carswell

                Thanks for your response, carswell.

          2. Thanks for the replys!
            Au 5e Péché seems very nice indeed.
            Too bad I had just reserved at L'Inconnu before reading the comment. Oh well, just makes another nice place to try real soon.
            I'm happy I skipped on Decca77 then. I was about to reserve, then when I found it is located in a business tower (ground floor I think, but still) that didn't seem too enticing.
            Will post a review in the L'Inconnu thread afterwards.

            1. I'm an avid reader, but not a regular contributor to this website, but I have to report on the outstanding meal I just had at Montreal's L'inconnu. This place is a gem, pretty much hidden away from the crowd scene and with a regional / seasonal menu and some great wines. Why this place only had 8 diners on a Friday night in July is beyond my comprehension. They're doing everything right - with the finesse and passion that makes a great dining experience. I had the "degustation" (tasting menu) and loved every bite of it.
              Prices are what one would expect in this category of restaurant - but not shocking or overpriced.
              A must if looking for an understated yet modern dining experience in Montreal.