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Feb 15, 2010 06:45 AM

good, fun, cheap in Addison for a gaggle of teenagers?

Here visiting from Boston for a week with a high school sports team, staying in Addison and cooking most of our meals out of our hotel room (challenging to cook for 30 with two hot-plates and a knife too weak to chop through an onion, but we're managing). Any recs. though for a couple of restaurants that would be fun and inexpensive for a dinner out with a bunch of teenagers or that would be good for takeout? We're in restaurant-central here but obviously we're on a budget and we'd love to be eating something that we can't get at home. We have a couple of vegetarians but mostly pretty adventurous eaters. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Granted you can get burgers anywhere, but Jake's could be an option.

    Buffalo Wild Wings runs a special on Tuesdays. I think it's $0.45 wings. They might enjoy this place, too.

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      Houlihans on Belt Line and Montfort does dollar sliders on happy hour.
      Jake's is a decent burger so it's not a bad idea.

      Queen of Sheba is a very good Ethiopian restaurant. Belt Line and Inwood tucked away behind all those liquor stores.

      For Tex-Mex you have Blue Mesa. There's also Gloria's which is more Salvadorian/Mexican.

    2. Not sure of the Indian food scene in Boston as I have never been there but I can give a suggestion for a catering company that sells by the pound. No dish is over $6.99/lb (chili chicken with white meat) and there are a lot of vegetarian dishes. Let me know if you would like that info. It is Kerala (S. Indian) style

      I know most teenagers really don't care what they eat just that it comes in cheap and large quantites.

      I have attached some pictures I took below of what I had last night; Chili Chicken, Vegetable Thoran, and Mixed Vegetable Avial. I was also given some kind of dessert and some papadoms.

      Chili chicken was bell peppers mixed with a spicy gravy (not greasy - brown dish), veggie avial was a mixture of green plantain, carrots and I believe potatoes cooked with turmeric, mustard oil, curry leaves, and mustard seeds (yellow dish), veggie thoran was french cut green beans with black eyed peas and I believe onions (green dish). The dessert is in the white bowl and was coconut milk thickend with cashews, raisins and had a hint of cardamom.

      Overall my favorite was the thoran and then the chicken. The total for 3 pounds of food was just under $20.

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        This sounds like the way to go and probably healthier too than Tex-Mex, hamburgers, pizza, etc. that kids typically get when they go out.

        If the kiddos balk at the idea of eating Indian food, tell them it's Southwestern regional cuisine.

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          Also in the same spot as the Kerala Indian food is Catrachos in Carrollton. Not as healthy as the Kerala place but you could drop about $200 and they would fill the room with food. I believe they are out of the country back in Honduras (Monday and Tuesday - Feb 15-16) but will be back! Not a real good review below but has the contact info and address!

          It is Honduran food so they have a version of the Mexican flauta called Tacos Catrachos. I don't have a picture but it is two hand made corn tortillas filled with a mild chicken (white meat) filling and then covered with cabbage, a thickend cream similar to sour cream, salty honduran cheese and tomato. All of that is set in a very mild sauce similar to salsa without the chiles. $1.50 for two

          The Pastelitos are similar to Columbian/Venezuelan emapanadas. Two masa pastries filled with a spicy beef and rice filling and deep fried. It is served with a pickled red cabbage. $1.99 for two

          Baleada a fresh hand made flour tortilla smeared with red beans (smilar to kidney beans) then topped with cababge, cream, cheese and tomato. These are cheap gut bombs. They are not spicy but very filling. I believe they run about $2 also. They have a mega baleada that is topped with a fried egg and chicharron (similar to bacon).

        2. OK - it's been around since dirt..... but maybe that's a good thing!?!?!

          Magic Time Machine on Belt Line.

          Good menu variety and a bit of atmospheric fantasy. If you stay away from the pricier steaks, there are many options between $14 - 20.

          There's a number of fish options and if that's unacceptable to the vegetarians, there are also a couple of pasta selections.

          Reviews on the all-around:

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            Yes, I agree on MTM. Back in my high school days, this place was the BOMB! Get the Roman Orgy...

          2. La Spigas Bakery discounts their bread 50% half and hour from closing (2 or 3pm, can't remember) and it's great bread. Not sure you'd want to feed 30 there but the discounted bread is a steal.

            Pastazios serves pizza by the slice and you can walk around Addison circle afterwards.

            Zuzu's is freshly made Tex-Mex. You'd fill up the entire place with 30.

            Tortas La Hechizera (Mex-Mex) is near Galleria and serves huge tortas.

            1. thank you all! We did get pizza from Pastazio's and it was terrific--will try to mix it up some more before the end of the week.