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Feb 15, 2010 06:36 AM

NE restaurant wait times

Hi all,

My husband and I are going on a triple date this Saturday and keeping it inexpensive (meals at $10-$15/person) and in NE since we're bowling at Elsie's after. Unfortunately, all the great cheap places don't take reservations! At this point I'm thinking Brasa, Black Sheep, or Anchor Fish and Chips. With a party of 6, what's the best time to get there where we won't wait forever? And do you have any other suggestions?

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  1. Can you call ahead at Brasa? If you do go there, just remember that you have to order family style once you have a group of more than 4.
    If you like Greek food, Gardens of Salonica is good. It's a nice space and they may accept reservations. Even without, you probably wouldn't wait long. If you don't care too much about atmosphere, Chindian on east Hennepin and 15th is great- Nina, the owner, is the daughter of Tammy Wong who runs Rainbow Chinese on eat street. She and her husband make great food.
    The Modern is great but it may be slightly out of your price range.

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      Hi Debbie,

      I really like the Anchor but there is often a wait. One other idea to toss into the mix that you have started: The Sample Room has been a long-time favorite. I also have to say that I appreciate the Thai place, Sen Yai, Sen Lek, which has a nice atmosphere and can accommodate groups--Central Avenue in Northeast. I think that this would be a nice setting for a birthday. Another site to toss into the mix would be Ginger Hop. I don't like the food as much as Sen Yai Sen Lek or Sample Room but it is a pretty pleasant atmosphere.

    2. I also love Pizza Nea on Henn. But it depends on what time you are thinking of dinner. Brasa can have a LONG wait as its a very small space, but I think its worth the wait. I believe Anchor can have a long wait as well. The coffee shop/restaurant right near Brasa and near the glasses shop has some decent dishes and might be fun for small, intimate group?

      1. Any of those three will be nightmares, unless you're extremely lucky.

        Outside of that area, you could head over to Town Hall Brewery on the west bank. Plenty of seating, pretty solid food plus some very good beers.

        1. What about Mac's Industrial Grill or Kramarchuks? Both are centrally located and cheap but with atmosphere. You can also get a good meal at Elsie's in their dining room. I eat there often. The Sample Room has food if you want to stick along the Marshall strip.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I think Sample Room, Gardens of Salonica, and Sen Yai Sen Lek are out of the price range (but all extremely yummy!). I meant $20-$30 a couple for a shared app, 2 non alcoholic beverages, 2 entrees, and tax and tip. Impossible, right? I've re done my list, right now thinking of Marina's, Holy Land, Chindian, or Shuang Cheng. Trying to stay away from classic pizza and burgers. Probably should have said that before!

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              I'd go with Marina's over Holy Land only because Holy Land is really like a deli/cafeteria.

              I have not been to either asian place...

              1. re: MayrMN

                btw-I was referencing Grand Marina's

              2. re: debbie421

                Your price range would indicate an entree price of $4.50-7.50. I'll assume your budget isn't quite that strict. Marina's (or Grand Marina's) would be good. You might try Emily's Lebanese, which is superior in my view. I believe I heard they were remodeling soon, so you might want to call ahead.

                1. re: kevin47

                  Emily's staff recently told us that their remodeling plans have been delayed until perhaps this summer or early fall. So they're still open this winter, hooray!


                  1. re: AnneInMpls

                    That being the case, I would lead with that recommendation. Lot's of a la carte options, great food, easy to get to and park, and very close to Elsie's.

                    1. re: kevin47

                      Definitely Emily's, but it is a tight space. How about Whitey's? They are quite spacious, with cheap, great food and a nice atmosphere. I find this place is rarely mentioned, but it's been in NE for many years. Psycho Suzi's is a lot of fun, but gets quite packed on weekends.

                      1. re: greenidentity

                        I like Whitey's also. The food is solid and the bar atmosphere is pretty cool, more authentic than most places. They have a huge menu so at least there's plenty to choose from.
                        Emily's really is more like a deli. I love the food but it's not a place I would choose for a dinner with other couples.