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Feb 15, 2010 06:11 AM

Strip Club - Brunch Review

Sunny but cold morning. We were given the second floor. So dark at our seating, we couldn't even read the menus, let alone see each other. Odd, there were two windows, but both were shuttered. We mentioned the darkness to the server - no no avail. Eating by touch, I guess. Ordered a French toast and 'scandahuvian pie' with bacon and sausage. Server was attentive, if a bit robotic. First, let me say the eggs in the 'pie' were excellent - period. I often order something with eggs - scrambled, frittata etc..and the eggs are tasteless. Not here - very flavorful taste! The side salad with the pie was a nice, healthy touch - good flavor. The French toast was equally flavorful. But, two points - the actual toast looked like thin sandwich bread - VERY odd, and it was served on a smaller dish - even though it is listed as a main. Use a thicker brioche or challah bread - I say, and serve on a larger dish. Finally, the bacon was a bit overpriced for two strips for five dollars. Price point at three - just like the large, tasty sausage.

All in all, a nice place.

The Strip Club
378 Maria Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55106

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  1. Happened to be there for brunch on Valentines as well. Had a great experience. We were seated at a large round in front of the bar. We arrived at 1pm and every table in the house was packed. The gent behind the bar was working all drinks as well as our server. He was clearly busy, but had time to tell us his recommendations along with some small chat with my grandmother and her 93 year old sister. Kids gulped down the pancakes and bacon in no time. Both really enjoyed their meal. Several of us ordered the loaded burger - One of the best I have had in a long time. The toppings were wonderful and the burgers cooked perfectly as ordered. Hubby said the bloody mary was one of the better versions he has had in town. Pork Hash was tasty, although it looked a little smaller than my famished hasband expected. Dad loved the sausage and his assortment of small plates.

    Planning on going back for dinner this week to try out some of the other tasty options. Can't wait!