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Feb 15, 2010 05:00 AM

Berkshire Pork

Where can one order a couple of Berkshire Pork Shoulders (and other cuts) between London and TO? Quality is a priority over price.

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  1. Cumbrae's and the Healthy Butcher both carry Berkshire pork shoulder. I should warn you, however, that it doesn't come cheap. I'm used to buying my pork shoulder from T&T, where it's less than $2/lb. I ordered 10 lbs. of Berkshire pork shoulder from Cumbrae's, not thinking to ask the price. I was a bit stunned when I went to pick it up and the bill came to $95!

    1. More reasonable is
      The next delivery date is March 6, but a specific order for shoulder should go in soon.
      I have had excellent pork and chicken from them. I believe the pork is 75% Berkshire, the other parts Tamworth and Duroc, both heritage breeds.

      1. When going after pork shoulder, it’s important to note that not everyone carries the whole shoulder with the bone-in. If you’re slow smoking on the B.G.G. or other smoker, the bigger the piece the better for moist meat and the bone really adds to the flavor. Rowe Farms, for example, will only give you a boneless, over-trimmed Boston Butt. You really need the fatty Picnic end as well to slow smoke. For the real deal on organic Berks’, contact this guy.

        1. give frank a call at medium rare ( his shop carries berkshire pork.

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              Just a note, the link above will not work without removing the "/)."

            2. There is a Healthy Butcher in Kitchener, closer to London if that is where you are. In TO though I find it more reasonable than cumbrae's... Call ahead to place the order, they do have bone in shoulder, i just got a small guy the other day. Just be specific.