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Feb 15, 2010 04:57 AM

Delicious hot drinks?

Ive recently moved into a new place. But its a on res' university place, so i have to share fridges and stuff (I'm from Australia by the way, not America....). (Dorm room in a college, i think would be the correct terminology for most of you...)

I am used to having cold (nearly ice cold) drinks. I generally just have water. But now its a big hassle to have cold drinks like i used to, and lukewarm water is just disgusting....
But i do have a tap, and a kettle inside my room.

So i was wondering, whats some easy and tasty hot drinks I could have?

Ive had limited experience with tea's, some of the ones i find just tastes like water gone wrong. Adding milk/sugar or anything is fine. Hot chocolates/Milo's are nice with hot milk, but i dont like water versions of them.

So what would be the best drink to dabble in for a "newbie" like myself? (I prefer sweeter things)

Edit: Oh and i cant stand cofee....

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  1. How about hot apple cider? You can just warm that up in the kettle. Also, you could consider getting a mini-fridge for your room since water is really good for you and shouldn't be replaced with just sweet things. Or, you could talk to your floor-mates and see if folks are interested in sharing a Brita-type filter in the main fridge so you'd have cold water available all the time. Just a thought.... Good luck - I've been there and communal living can be hard!

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    1. re: jenhen2

      Well i have been looking at getting a bar fridge, i really do love cold water (used to keep about 5 1liter bottles in the fridge at all times :P.

      But you know, i may as well explore a bit....

      So hot apple cider? Do elobarate on that.... I thought cider was the alcoholic version of juice. If it is not, please explain :)

      EDIT: Ah, everyone in the world but USA and Canada call Cider unfilterd apple juice. (We would call it Soft Cider)

    2. I'm guessing you have access to a microwave to heat up milk. Here is one of my favorite, easy hot cocoa pleasures--the Ghirardelli dark and white:

      Heat a mug of milk.
      Add 1 tablespoon white mocha and 1 tablespoon regular Ghirardelli cocoa.
      Sprinkle with cinnamon if you like.

      Here's the white mocha:

      Here's the regular cocoa:

      If this is not available in your area, my apologies for tempting you. It has been part of my regular hot beverage rotation for more than 10 years. :)

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      1. re: kattyeyes

        Ive got access to a microwave yes, but thats on the bottom floor with the fridge, again, a hassle.... Id prefer not to go that far.

        Ive not heard of this cocoa, but yes it does sound tempting! I will try and find it :)

        1. re: mattisdada

          Cool, let me hear back from you if you do--I think you'll like it. And I roll sweet as well. :)We used to have hot pots in our dorm rooms back in the day. AHA, here is one:

          It's even the same brand I recall. Happy cocoa questing!

      2. There is an entire world of teas you could try. Strong black teas that taste best with milk and/or sugar, Early grey which is fantastic with a twist of lemon, green teas, sweet teas, herbal teas etc. Which ones did you try that you did not like? It could be that you did not steep the tea long enough - that is usually the problem or using lukewarm water.

        Aside from visiting the usual teashops, check out Asian grocery stores. They carry teas you normally won't find in mainstream teashops. The Korean grocery store I go to has pomengranate teas, persimmon teas, sweet green teas etc.

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        1. re: SeoulQueen

          Ive tried some Lipton Honey and Lemon. It wasn't to bad flavor wise, but it was hard to drink :(

          1. re: mattisdada

            Oh no! No wonder! I avoid anything by Lipton or Celestial Seasonings. They use poor grade tea leaves if you ask me. Anything herbal needs to be superfresh otherwise you love the flavours... go to tea shops. If you want to try a good general black tea, you can get PG tips at the grocery store (check either tea aisle or int'l food aisle as it is Uk product) or if you want to spend the money, get top notch teas from Fortnum & Masons or Hediard.

            If you like savory drinks, my personal favorite is a Korean malted style tea (like Ovaltine but w/o the cocoa) called Job's tears. Thick, cream colored tea that is great for winter.

        2. A lot of good ideas here:

          If you can get to an asian store, there is a hot chinese peanut soup/drink that you add hot water to for a peanut buttery drink.

          1. I like instant miso soup - I get sachets from the supermarket.