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Feb 15, 2010 04:52 AM

Buying local plants etc. in Connecticut

I'm looking for apple trees, rhubarb and asparagus in eastern CT (or a reasonable drive from here). I'd like to find specimens that were actually grown in CT or the local region as opposed to plants and trees shipped in from out of state. Organic helps but is not necessary.
Anyone have a good source for this kind of stuff?
And as a help to anyone else looking for vegetable, herb and flower plants, RocK Meadow Farm in Union, CT is a great source for those plants. Grown on the farm using organic methods (not certified), and lots of unusual plants that can usually be found only through mail-order suppliers. Tomatoes are especially great!
Thanks! Melissa

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  1. You might find it worthwhile to subscribe to your state's Weekly Farmers Bulletin. The one in NH is where I found a small, local grower who has extra vegetable and flower plants to sell but just puts in one ad. I have seen blueberry and rhubarb plants advertised but didn't check to see if they are locally grown. Basically, small farmers can advertise cheaply in the bulletin. It's nothing fancy but a good source of all things for farming/gardening.

    1. This is coming really late, but I was just browsing thru the current version of Edible Nutmeg and there were listings for local farms selling plants. You can pick up the magazine for free at a number of places (I got it at the local farm store) or try online.

      1. If you're still looking for asparagus I just picked some up Friday (5/21) at the Agway in Ellington - 15 root packs 1/2 price - $3.75 each. They don't look too bad, but count them - I found several that only had 13-14 in them.

        We did have rhubarb, but it's sold out for this year.

        RocK Meadow Farm