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Feb 15, 2010 03:52 AM

VAlentine's Day Dinner at Yang Ming

Friends picked it; we drove quite far to get there; it was mobbed, but we enjoyed our meal, particularly the gracious service under crowded conditions.

Nicest touch on the service: I asked about the spicing level on the hot and sour soup. The waiteroffered, and brought me a tiny bowl, with spoon, to sample. Soup was a tad too spicy; so I changed my order to house special wanton soup, but the taste was so yummy I wouldn't let my husband finish it. NOw, that's a class act.

Shrimp with honeyed walnuts was quite good: many shrimp, great saucing, tasty, worth the $18.95 price. Husband loved his eggplant/tofu in spicy garlic sauce; spring rolls right on target. Total bill: $29.95, for a memorable Valentine's Day/ Chinese New Year's meal.

Wish we had a classy upscale Chinese restaurant closer to Center City. Highlight here was definitely the service: polished and gracious.

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  1. I heard in a radio commercial that the Chinese New Year Banquet Menu (which might have been the same as the Valentine's Day menu?) was the same as the one prepared by Yang Ming chefs and served at the James Beard House in NY.

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      Hmm. That menu was on the table, it was $49.99 for a party of four or more; a bit more for just two. Frankly,. it was yummy. But, while I would have loved every item on the menu, my husband, who does not eat shellfish or even fish would not have been happy. I thought it was a great meal for $49.99. And, if they could execute as well as they did in the Valentine's Day mob, they could surely handle the New Year's Banquet well.

      We just ordered from the menu. Our friends are picky eaters, but really like Yang Ming.

      1. re: Bashful3

        That's funny - we also have friends who are picky eaters but love Yang Ming.
        They are able to please all tastes!

        I am so glad you enjoyed it. I have posted about it more than once.
        It's so odd that a Chinese restaurants has one of my favorite Caesar Salads!
        Your husband might enjoy the Peking duck or the filet, since he doesn't eat fish or shellfish. They do many things well - including very good desserts.