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Feb 15, 2010 03:05 AM

silver palette bbq sauce

my fav bbq sauce is silver palette maple bbq. now I can't find it. fear the company is out of business. anyone see silver palette dressings anywhere?

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  1. Available by mail order through and

      1. All of the Silver Palette products are available by mail order at, including the Smokey Maple BBQ Sauce. The salad dressings are available at Bristol Farms, maybe other products as well. Some of the more upscale Vons also carry a few of their products.

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        1. re: JeffSD

          And if you happen to be proximate to the closing Bristol Farms in Valencia, they may have it significantly marked down, as in at least 25%.
          Maybe more by now.

        2. gelsons carries their pasta sauce, maybe they carry the bbq sauce too. . . .