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Feb 14, 2010 09:04 PM

Good restaurant for a date


my girlfriend is coming over for 2 weeks to visit me in Tokyo (she is working in NYC), so now I am looking for a few restaurants which are good for dating. Nice, romantic atmosphere, great view etc.

While Ms. Scharn is pretty picky, she is not that fanatic about food. So, I am looking for -good- restaurants, but for this occasion atmosphere is more important than food. Also, as I will have to pay for everything I would happily take her to a few places were I can get a decent dinner for 2 for not much above 10,000.

Any suggestions?

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  1. For a great view you could see if the window tables at Marunouchi Aux Amis Tokyo would work (make sure to get a window table if you go). Their dinner menus start I think around 6,000 so with wine it would stretch your budget a bit though.

    1. Medusa in Ebisu? Cool atmosphere - jellyfish tank, fire chandelier - decent Italian-ish food. Lounge area with big chairs, dining area with tables. It's definitely something most Japanese girls would think is a cool date.
      No view though, it's underground. Right across from the back exit of JR, behind Atre escalators.

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        Medusa in Ebisu although relatively new, looks like a bubble period high end izakaya with people in their 40s on gokans (group dates). Good place to take a mistress as it is in a basement, is dark, has high end Italian which the Japanese ladies go crazy over, is near the high end love hotels, and you can get her back on the train without much street exposure to your peers and co-workers-but for a special woman visiting from the US-Elio Locando is a fun, classy, high end Southern Italian or Cicada as it gets a good mixture of classy expatriates and high end Japanese with most dishes hitting well most nights.

      2. Is she coming soon? There are some nice outdoor places - but only if she comes later in the year.

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          She will be here the second half of march.

        2. If Ms. Scharn really likes to eat her veggies, you could also try Yasaiya Mei. It is a vegetable-centered counter restaurant. Not romantic in a chandelier way, but very cool / elegant, can I say kind of a "contemporary Japanese" place if that makes sense.
          I have been to the Roppongi Hills one for lunch and really enjoyed the food, there is another one in Omotesando.

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            that's the one on the top floor of omotesando hills, right? good idea! always wanted to try that but kind of forgot about it...

          2. Another place that *might* work, depending again on how you define romantic atmosphere, is Akira in Nakameguro. It is a supposedly-excellent yakitori place, with kind of traditional decor and a tatami area, and jazz on the background. Place is apparently popular with the Nakameguro/Daikanyama hipsters. It is right by the cherry-tree-lined Meguro river, and in the latter part of March you might already see some flowers (this is the romantic part). I used to live quite close, and it is a nice area. I have not eaten there, but I have had several lunches in their Marunouchi branch and the food was indeed good. If you go, go mid-week, make a reservation and make sure to get a table on the tatami area by the window (river). Btw I think the tatami seating is the real deal, no horigotatsu, so not sure if Ms. Scharn will like it.

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              And right next to that is Huit, which is a cheap-but-tasty French bistro with in-house baking. Pleasant by day, with lots of aging wood and big windows looking at the river, dark and atmospheric at night. Probably romantic!