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Feb 14, 2010 07:54 PM

Restaurant Supply Open to the General Public

Hi, what is your #1 favorite restaurant supply store that's open to the general public? I'm looking for one in the Bellevue/Seattle area. Thank you all in advance for sharing your knowledge.

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  1. Bargreen Ellison and Seattle Restaurant Supply.

    1. I often stop by Dong Vinh, just around the corner from Dick's restaurant supply on 1st Ave S when I'm in need of basics like whisks, spatulas, bowls, or cambros.

      1. Thank you MillCreek and babette. I'll check them out!

        1. If you are looking for general Restaurant items such as dishes, glassware , straws, napkins, cups, to-go containers and basic food I would suggest Cash N Carry. To fully furnish a restaurant I would second Bargreen Ellison.

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