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Feb 14, 2010 06:11 PM

Okinawa- Ossining

Has anyone ever been to Okinawa Restuarant in Ossining?
I had a negative experience with the wait staff who pretty much demanded/expected a specific tip....My friends and I were questioned at the end of our meal......

Okinawa Hibachi Steak House
218 S Highland Ave, Ossining, NY 10562

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  1. Have been twice - once with spouse on a Thursday a few weeks ago, and this past Saturday with adult children and 3 yr old granddaughter. No such experience with the staff (felt we wanted to give the hibachi "chef" his own cash tip, which we did. Food is adequate re: hibachi, but I got home and had that post-MSG thirsty feeling - can't confirm that, but wouldn't be surprised if it did have MSG.

    I'd have complained to the management about being harrassed by staff about a specific tip. I've never had a wait staff complain to my face about a tip anywhere... that's SO odd.

    All that said, I feel no overriding urge to go back sooner than later. Rather head to Tyrenda Thai where food is better and service likewise.

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    1. re: Nancy C

      Ironically it was the management that questioned us why we didnt give a 15 perecent tip which is expected (his words). I must admit it was an oversite in calculation but I thought it was a bit nervy. He kept insisting that it was the expected amount

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        We had a similar, but at the same time very different, experience once at Willet House. We miscalculated the tip and the waiter approached us and wanted to know if we were dissatisfied with his service. We weren't and when asked why, he mentioned the tip amount. We were both so embarrassed by the miscalc, and proceeded to make the appropriate adjustment. Throughout it all, we never felt it was about the tip, but really felt that the waiter was sincerely interested in whether he did something wrong. So, there is a reasonable way of approaching the subject, I guess that the management at Okinawa haven't figured that out yet.

        1. re: ltlevy

          thanks for sharing. It upset my friends and I and we really felt uncomfortable about how he handled the situation. I think we were more offended than anything...