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Feb 14, 2010 05:09 PM

Micro Brew in Mid Town

We will be arriving in March for a couple of nights and staying at the Roosevelt Hotel. Where can I find a pub with an extensive selection of micro brews on draft?


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  1. "Micro brew". Haven't heard that one in a while. I think most places have migrated to the term "craft beer". Anyway, not sure what's good craft beerwise in the 40s-50s, but a bit further south into the 30's are two of the best places in the city:


    Rattle N' Hum-

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    1. re: Silverjay

      agree with rattle n' hum. gingerman is good but usually too crowded to enjoy.

      pony bar is also great.

      1. re: stephaniec25

        3rd rattle n' hum.

        Just beware that it too can get crowded. Not as bad as Gingerman, but after work rush hour can be a little tight there due to proximity to Penn Station.

    2. Not sure if you'd call it a pub, but a new spot with a good though modest selection (frequently rotates selections) is Pony Bar, at 45th on 10th. A bit of a walk but perhaps a good stop after dinner on 9th ave.

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      1. re: orthorunner

        Highly second Pony Bar. Don't be deterred by its 10th Ave location, it's a terrific spot.

      2. The best for you and your location is Rattle N Hum on 33rd between 5th and Madison. Great selection of local and national craft brews as well as 3 or so cask ales on tap.

        Gingerman is another option though their selection is not as good and I personally don't like their crowd.

        Local beers-Anything Captain Lawrence, most Sixpoint and Brooklyn of course. Some limited Chelsea offerings are good as are some Bluepoint ones.

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        1. re: MVNYC

          The Pony bar is good but not close to your convenient to your hotel

        2. Stag's Head on 51st and 2nd Ave serves craft beers.