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Feb 14, 2010 04:49 PM

Paradis ice cream Montrose

Just came back from the Montrose section of Glendale (not too far from Descanso Gardens off the 2 Freeway) and discovered this Scandinavian ice cream place called Paradis. Wonderful ice cream, almost like a gelato, light, smooth, and really good flavors. I'm an ice cream/gelato fan, and this is one of the best I've had in the LA area. And I"m not affiliated in any way with the store -- just happened to be walking by after a visit to the Gardens.

Check it out:

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  1. This place is outrageously good (ok, maybe the 100+ weather has somethign to do wtih it).

    Dunno why it has not gotten more love on Chowound, but people need to try this place.

    Pistachio ice cream may be the best I've ever had (outside of Lik's in Denver perhaps). Rich with strong fragrant pistachio flavor that borders on savory (like salted nuts) but in a very very good way. Good like being able to finally scratch that itch in the back of your throat kind of good.

    The Stracciatella is like a chocolate chip ice cream that made love with a scoop of gelato. Simply awesome.

    They are from Denmark and their ice cream is creamy (no air whipped into it) without being dense.

    I don't know if they are mad scientists or ice cream makers, or both.

    For those who have been frequenting Fosselman's, go here instead.

    And. Go. Now.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Ipse, how do you think they compare with Bulgarini? (The pistachio in particular, as Bulgarini is a legendary pistachio quality control freak, and it's evident in the taste...)

      1. re: Bradbury

        Honestly, I think it is better but maybe it's not fair because I haven't had Bulgarini in a while. That said, the stuff at Paradis is really really good.

        But more importantly, it's really not an apples-to-apples comparison because it's gelato (Bulgarini) versus more traditional ice cream (Paradis).

        If you put a gun to my head today and asked me to choose? Paradis.

        1. re: Bradbury

          I would not put Paradis over Bulgarini. Bulgarini does better at the main gelato flavors. Bulgarini definitely experiments more with flavors. Bulgarini loses on location. If it weren't in the boondocks of Altadena, I might go more often.

          Let's give Paradis a close second. I have been to Paradis A LOT since I read about them in the Glendale News-Press several months ago. I think they are great, head-and-shoulders better then the other frozen treats available in Montrose.

          1. re: microe

            But why even compare them? Paradis does not do gelato. And Bulgarini does not do ice cream.

            Now, you may say that Danish ice cream is comparable to Italian gelato, but then you are comparing genres and not specific establishments.

            I like both places and both places are dear and near to my cold-dessert seeking sweet tooth.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Paradis serves a product that is more similar to gelato than to ice cream. Gelato is traditionally made with milk, not cream, as is Paradis Ice Milk, cream (I guess they can call it that though I'm not sure it's legal...when Dreyers took the cream out of theirs, they had to re-label it as "frozen dessert")

        2. re: ipsedixit

          I wonder if this is like the ice cream that I dream about from Sweden. I cannot believe that I have not checked it out yet. That will be remedied probably this week. Do you know if they have pear flavor?

          1. re: WildSwede

            Not when I was there, but their flavors change quite often from what I understand. So call and check.

          2. re: ipsedixit

            (I'm not sure why my earlier post was deleted - I'm genuinely interested in this restaurant. Deleting friendly posts just makes me feel like I've forgotten the secret handshake or something).
            I went and had Paradis for dinner yesterday evening: pistachio and hazelnut. Strong nutty flavours and aromas. Smoother than Bulgarini, however -- as if it had passed through a fine filter and so there was essence of nuts left behind instead of pieces of nuts. If that makes sense.
            I went back tonight and had stracciatella and banana.
            It is quite like the ice cream in Denmark -- dense, rich, and above all FRESH.
            I found only the Stracciatella less flavoursome than the others. It would have made a good base for a more complicated dessert, however -- and they will sell you a box of ice cream rather than just a cone.

            The service is brisk and friendly, and quick to give samples. Cons? It is very crowded. No time to linger and wonder over the flavours. You should probably have an idea of what you'd like before you go in. Have your $$ ready, too -- there are people waiting, piling up behind you, squeezed in the tiny storefront. It's nice that there is a lot of seating outside, though, and the Montrose neighborhood makes for good people (and dog) watching.

            1. re: khh1138

              "I went and had Paradis for dinner yesterday evening: pistachio and hazelnut."

              Better words have rarely ever been uttered on this board!

              The Paradis pistachio almost makes me yearn for 100F heat waves in the SGV.

          3. I didn't care for it much when I tried it a few months ago, and at $4.50 I thought the serving size was tiny. I may give it another try, though.

            I don't understand how they can call it "ice cream" if it's made from milk. Also I think it's much easier to make soft ice cream than hard ice cream, I wonder how their concoction holds up if you take it home and freeze it?

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            1. re: jackattack

              "I don't understand how they can call it "ice cream" if it's made from milk. Also I think it's much easier to make soft ice cream than hard ice cream, I wonder how their concoction holds up if you take it home and freeze it?"

              Lots of ice creams use whole milk, low-fat milk, or half-and-half, esp. non-custard based ice creams.

              And texture of ice cream (hard or soft) will really depend on ingredients and choice of technique in the churning process -- it really isn't a question of difficulty in my opinion.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                No, what I was saying was that they use JUST milk, no cream.

                That's "Ice Milk" in my book. And Ice milk generally tastes just fine while it's soft, but when it's frozen and ripened it tastes grainy and icy because, after all, it's milk not cream. Cream whips, milk does not.

            2. They've just opened a new Paradis Ice Cream in the old Pinkberry space in Los Feliz.

              1726 N. Vermont between Kingswell and Prospect, same block as the vermont/Barre/Rockwell complex.

              (So new it isn't yet on the Paradis website, but it's definitely open.)

              Paradis Ice Cream
              2323 Honolulu Ave., Montrose, CA 91020

              Paradis Ice Cream
              1726 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027