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Feb 14, 2010 04:21 PM

Capitol Hill Delivery?

So, after a long absence from Chinese takeout, I learned that my favorite place on capitol hill closed. So now I need a new place. My question to you folks, what is your favorite Chinese delivery on Capitol Hill?

And for that matter, what are folks favorite delivery places on Capitol Hill in general?

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  1. Szechuan House on 8th Street, SE. The restaurant changed to a fusion style place, but you can still order off the old Szechuan House menu and have it delivered. Ive found them to be the best in town, for a number of dishes (I think they do crispy shredded beef much better than Mei Wa, and chow fun as well)

    1. Old Siam delivers decent Thai food (Talay and Sanphan deliver as well, but a step below IMHO). for pizza I lean towards NY Pizza, it's ok and usu quick

      1. I loved Young Chow - especially their dumplings - when I lived on the Hill.

        1. I've gotten great delivery andfood from Attish, Taylors and Bistro Italiano.