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Feb 14, 2010 03:56 PM

Two nights in Charleston

Next week, we'll be there for only two nights --- have on agenda Hominy Grill, Virginia's from chowhound's recs --- what about Jestine's Kitchen. Also have a yen for some BBQ --- need to be in the Charleston area, won't have a lot of time for going on side trips of more than 30 to 40 minutes.

Thanks, hounds! Looking forward to visiting this lovely city.

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  1. For BBQ, the best in the Charleston area (imo) is Sweatman's, in Holly Hill. It may be a little further from downtown thatn you'd like, but its worth it! Just check the dyas and hours of peration before you head out there. If that doesn't work for you, do a search on here and you'll find other suggestions.

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      I have to agree with carolinadawg. It's only open Thurs-Sat though and it's about 50 miles from downtown.

      I've enjoyed Jestine's for a long time-not fancy, just good.

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        Last time I checked, Sweatman's was only open on Friday & Saturday. That may have changed so check to be sure.

        With that said, I must include the following according to Chowhound rules: I own a bbq restaurant between Sweatman's & Charleston. This is only for full disclosure.

        I would also reccomend Sweatman's.

    2. Here's a previous thread that discusses bbq in Charleston...you might find it helpful:


      1. Some folks would suggest skipping Jestine's, but I'd say to give it a try. There's a line out the door many days and some folks consider it "too touristy" to be a good recommendation. Actually the line is out the door for two reasons...1) It's a fairly small place...2) It's pretty good!

        A line doesn't always automatically mean "tourist trap". There's a seafood place further down Meeting from there that always has a line. That place is a tourist trap. Jestine's, not so much. It's the kind of southern cooking I like and different than a lot of "southern cooking" you'll find in Charleston. Many of the "southern" places really doll their cooking up taking you very far away from "Grandmother's table". I personally don't go for haute cuisine when looking for true southern cooking. You wouldn't get that from Grandma. You also won't get that at Jestine's. Worth a visit.

        Since you have a 40 minute travel limit, I'd suggest either "Bessinger's" on Savannah Hwy (17 South) or "Home Team" on Ashley River Road for bbq. Bessinger's will give you South Carolina style bbq while Home Team sticks closer to Texas style.

        Have fun in Charleston...it's a great city.