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Feb 14, 2010 03:21 PM

Tre Otto? (E. Harlem/Carnegie Hill)

Looks like a new restaurant -- “Tre Otto” -- is opening at 1408 Madison Ave (b/w 97th/98th, next to Hanratty’s). Anybody from the nabe know anything about it? Also in the vicinity, Sal’s Pizza (1375 Madison Ave b/w 95th/96th) appears to be transitioning to a new owner/management (and hopefully new pizza, as it was not good).

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  1. Well, speak for yourself ... I've been going to Sal's Pizza (soon to become Tommy's) for about 40 years, and imo (and that of many another longtime local) it's better than anything else within a dozen blocks. Pintaile's is sorta foo-foo, Famiglia is, well .... Famiglia. If Tommy's isn't straight Sal's redux, there will be a lot of unhappy campers.

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      I have to agree with you about Sal's -- I've been ordering from there since it was Frank's many moons ago, though not too much lately, and I also love their sausage and chicken rolls. Pintaile's is OK, but pricey, and Famiglia is so bland. I love all kinds of pizza and Sal's has always nicely filled the niche for good, old-fashioned Italian American pizza. I also like having a neighborhood pizza place as opposed to "designer" places that seem to be springing up everywhere. But excited about possibly a new dining option in Tre Otto!

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        What about Nick's? The deliver to the same nabe. Thin crust, but very good. Also, the place where Ecco-la used to be (can't remember the name) is not bad. Sorry - don't like Sal's. Very bland.

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          Nick's is actually my favorite for eat-in but I find the thin crust gets mushy traveling. Also love Giovanna's, again for eat-in on Lex@100th St. (a Nick's spin-off).

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            +1 for Nick's! Tre Otto opened tonight so reviews will probably start showing up soon.

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      1. Went to Tre Otto for the first time tonight - we live on the block, but the place has been fully booked, er, fully committed, since opening night.

        We were in a hurry, so this isn't a comprehensive review. But the three pastas we ordered were all excellent, especially my lamb 'ragout' (there's also a duck 'ragu' on the menu, but it wasn't on tonight). The lamb had a wonderfully gamey flavor, suggesting a long braize in some really good stock.

        Since Hanratty's is, to be frank, dreadful (unless you want a noisy beer), likewise One Fish Two FIsh (don't get me started), it is hard not to be excited by this classy addition to our block. But Tre Otto is tiny, which suggests that bookings are going to become hard to get. So it'll be early and often for our family in the weeks ahead.


        1. We were so excited about having a new restaurant in our food-deprived neighborhood that we went for dinner on Friday night. Knowing full well this was the shakedown period, we were determined to give it the benefit of every doubt. The food was very good: excellent grilled octopus with fresh fennel and orange salad, very generous at $12. Among our family of 4 we had 3 of the pastas, and all but one were delicious. On the plus side, the tagliatelle with wild mushroom ragout and the pappardelle with duck confit ragout. On the minus side, trennette with almonds, garlic, tomatoes with basil pesto -- so intensely garlic that it was difficult to discern any other flavors.

          Understandably, during the first week the service was rough, comically so, as we got to know our next-door neighbors quite well and dispatched our son a block to our apartment to get a second bottle of wine (BYOB for now), which made the long wait more enjoyable. Any hard feelings of diners could have been easily ameriorated if the owner, who was present, had made the rounds, intoduced herself, and made a friendly gesture -- a small plate of biscotti with the check, perhaps -- to ensure people left feeling inclined to return. In fairness, during the long intervals, the bread basket was continually refilled with excellent homemade bread and good-quality olive oil.

          We tempered our expectations given this was only the third dinner being served. Any issues will hopefully be resolved during this initial period. We look forward to returning, and especially to trying the pizza when the pizza oven is up and running. Tre Otto chows promise and we hope it succeeds.

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          1. re: City Kid

            Does anyone know if they are now accepting cards? And the liquor license status? Website is mum on both.

            1. re: jinglejangle

              We were there the 3rd night and they were accepting credit cards. As far as I know it's still BYOB.

              1. re: City Kid

                Thanks for the update, may just give them a call to doublecheck.

          2. Hey Hounds,

            Went to Tre Otto for lunch again yesterday, and the place continues to thrive. Full tables, long line (I had a res) and the wait staff hustling around with food and drinks. On the latter, they still do not have a wine license, but according to the waiter, the paperwork is approved, and they are just waiting for their license.

            I had the Caponata, which was luscious. And a slice of pizza with prosciutto. The latter was outstanding, as you would expect, since they imported a pizza guy from Bari, across the Italian peninsula from Napoli, arguably the home of modern pizza.

            Delighted that their standards remain high. I would love to think that they might have a positive effect on the joints on the same block..but I'm not holding my breath!


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              Taking 2 friends for a birthday dinner tomorrow night. Looking forward to it. Not sure why you think not have a liquor license is a bad thing. I love bringing my own. They told me even when they get it they'll have a $20-25 corkage fee. Am missing Cippola Rossa since it closed, looking forward to another place in the hood that's a nice night out but doesn't break the bank.