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Who offers afternoon tea?

My daughter is turning 6 and she is really into the 'tea party' thing. We are taking about 10 family members to celebrate her birthday. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a place for an afternoon tea. Something in the $20-$25 price range would be ideal but I am open to a little more if there is anything particularly interesting. I read somewhere that the Royal York and the King Edward also have children's tea menus; can anyone confirm this? Thanks!

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  1. While many of the big hotels offer afternoon tea, I think that for your 6-year old, the Red Tea Box is the way to go:


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      I quite liked cafe moroco's high tea, but i think its about 45 dollars. There are reviews on the board.

    2. The King Edward offers a kid's option, not sure about the Royal York.
      I wasn't that fond of having tea in the lobby of the King Edward, but that might work well with a 6 year old, you could easily get up for a little walk around without disturbing others.

      1. I liked the one at the windsor arms. but I believe it was one of the more pricey ones - i think they have a website....

        but it is quite nice and fancy for a special occasion....

        1. The Windsor Arms has a good afternoon tea...I think it's everyday. C5 has a good one as well; but it's only open Thursday - Saturday. I remember it being pretty good, a very nice time, especially for $25. Also like someone mentioned the King Eddy...someone here raved about the afternoon tea; so it's probably worth a look.

          1. The Old Mill in the west end does a daily afternoon tea that's in your price range. No kids' menu but at least the drivers in your group don't have to worry about parking.

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              I have not been but check this link out, it may be what you're looking for.

            2. I have done both the Windsor Arms and the C5 versions of afternoon tea, and much preferred C5 in terms of food (taste, innovation), service (unpretentious) and ambiance (clean, open modern space that didn't feel stuffy). Although C5 doesn't offer a kid's menu, their offering is a modest $25 and the portion was not exorbitant from what I recall.

              1. Thanks for all your suggestions! Chillihigh, I checked out the website you suggested and it is exactly what my daughter would love! Thanks!

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                  You're welcome. Please post back about your experience, its like a 2 min drive from my house, but have never been, on the other hand, someone else posted in another thread that it was great. so hope your daughter has a great birthday.