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Feb 14, 2010 02:06 PM

Who offers afternoon tea?

My daughter is turning 6 and she is really into the 'tea party' thing. We are taking about 10 family members to celebrate her birthday. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a place for an afternoon tea. Something in the $20-$25 price range would be ideal but I am open to a little more if there is anything particularly interesting. I read somewhere that the Royal York and the King Edward also have children's tea menus; can anyone confirm this? Thanks!

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  1. While many of the big hotels offer afternoon tea, I think that for your 6-year old, the Red Tea Box is the way to go:

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      I quite liked cafe moroco's high tea, but i think its about 45 dollars. There are reviews on the board.

    2. The King Edward offers a kid's option, not sure about the Royal York.
      I wasn't that fond of having tea in the lobby of the King Edward, but that might work well with a 6 year old, you could easily get up for a little walk around without disturbing others.

      1. I liked the one at the windsor arms. but I believe it was one of the more pricey ones - i think they have a website....

        but it is quite nice and fancy for a special occasion....

        1. The Windsor Arms has a good afternoon tea...I think it's everyday. C5 has a good one as well; but it's only open Thursday - Saturday. I remember it being pretty good, a very nice time, especially for $25. Also like someone mentioned the King Eddy...someone here raved about the afternoon tea; so it's probably worth a look.

          1. The Old Mill in the west end does a daily afternoon tea that's in your price range. No kids' menu but at least the drivers in your group don't have to worry about parking.

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              I have not been but check this link out, it may be what you're looking for.