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Feb 14, 2010 01:37 PM

1 night in Nashville

I will be in Nashville in May for a wedding. I have Friday night free and there will be four of us that want to go to dinner.

Where is the ONE place that I absolutely need to dine? Price is not an issue. We are all major foodies and basically want to see the best that Nashville has to offer.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. The best Fremcj food, the best haute southern, the best pizza, the best meat and three, the best barbecue, the best kosher, the best vegan, the best soft serve? Be more specific.

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    1. re: Cameraman

      We are open to anything. We would like something that is unique to the area. I suppose Haute Southern would be the way to go. W

      1. re: Doogie Houndser M.D.

        In that case, take a look at:

        The Standard

        A little less Southern:
        Germantown Cafe
        Eastland Cafe
        Park Cafe

        1. re: Doogie Houndser M.D.

          Just from my limited experience plus the continuing experience of friends, I'm going to say that Miel has become my favorite restaurant on the planet. It's not that everything we had there was perfect - it wasn't - but there's a lot of talent and dedication there trying to make it be. It's homegrown produce, home-raised and/or cured meats, fine dining without attitude, friendliness without pretense. And people who are as ready to listen as to advise. We don't live there anymore, but this is a place we wish we could visit more often.

      2. Margot in East Nashville

        1. You have to go to the Stockyard Steak House. We have been there a many times now and it is amazing!!!! It has been voted one of 10 best steak house in the country. Fantastic steaks and apps and salads and the service is amazing. It is pricey but it is worth every bit. We love Nashville and every time we are there that is where we go to eat. I promise you will not be dissapointed. And if you are staying in the downtown area they have a shuttle that will come and pick you up and hten take you back to your hotel. and it is free. they are located right outside of downtown. And if you are looking for something fun to do that night I suggest going to The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar in downtown. I LOVE that place and can spend all night there. check out the Stockyard website and see what you think. Fantastic place.

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          1. re: crystalrae

            This is just my opinion, but I completely disagree with this recommendation. Someone from Chicago does not need to eat at a steakhouse when they have only one meal to eat in Nashville.

            1. re: jamiecarroll

              Absolutely agreed..

              The same recommendation was made in another thread. It makes me question the person’s intent, or maybe they really like the Stockyard?

              City House would be my rec....

              1. re: pete k

                Agreed on Stockyard. That post is very suspicious.

                The place is terrible, no local would ever recommend using your one meal there.

                City House or Margot or Watermark

                1. re: Taylor Condra

                  Does Mario "Ferrari" still own that place? My first impression of it was of Mario standing out front by the open door, in a screaming match with a disgruntled customer who was then about a block away. Now, that's class...

              2. re: jamiecarroll

                I agree. And the Dueling Piano Bar lost me anyway.

              3. re: crystalrae

                Stockyard was overrated back in it's heyday. Hasn't been on the serious restaurant map in Nashville for 20 years. And the Big Bang Piano Bar just sucks. Neither is a place for serious foodies...