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Feb 14, 2010 01:36 PM

Cafes in San Sebastian.

Any nice cafes in close proximity to the hotel Maria Cristina <Av. de la Argentina #4> where one can get a great cafe con leche and a good cheap breakfast?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You are very near Bideluze on Plaza de Guipuzcoa 14. Nice coffee, pastries on very pretty square. About 3 minute walk from you.
    10 minutes away is the beautiful square Plaza de la Constitucion with nice cafés and a somewhat Venetian atmosphere. The wonderful pintxos bar Astelena is there.

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      You're a treasure trove. Info going into my log.

      Thanks much.

      1. re: Quimbombo

        You just happen to hit all my fave spots...

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          We finally arrived in SS on Thursday afternoon. We decided to cut our driving time and took the AVE to Zaragoza where we picked up our rental car. We got to SS around 4 PM and wanting a snack so we stopped at the first place we saw <cafe and patisserie> called Barremetxe for a small bite plus a cafe con leche for me. The cafe con leche was not up to par, it was literally watered down coffee and watered down milk. I was suprised as it was made the old fashioned way.

          Then we went for a walk and didn't realize we were sooo close to your suggested Bideluze, Parigi.

          To make a long story short, we loved Bideluze. It became our late morning hangout and people watch for a bit. What a great affordable place for breakfast. Their cafe con leche was excellent. Made the correct way with a creaminess to the milk I like to beleive came from well fed Basque cows. Great quality coffee beans too. I usually like croissants for b'fast and spouse eats light too but couldn't get enough of those tortilla sandwiches. And that freshly squeeze OJ, yumm. Those folks who own Bideluz have a little gold mine going there. It was the busiest hopping place in the Plaza. So once again I thank you for another excellent suggestion.

          That night we stopped at Astelana and became obssesed with the foi and the croquetas de bacalao. We were full the night before our departure but had to stop at Astelana one more time and have the 2 aforementioned. One never knows..............

          Muchas gracias.

          1. re: Quimbombo

            I said Bideluze was about 3 minute walk from you. 180 seconds. Hello ?
            It is a wonderful spot indeed, the way the Barcelona Ramblas used to be and is no longer.
            My other fave spot is the Plaza de la Constitucion. The Astelena pintxos are the icing…