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Feb 14, 2010 01:33 PM

Will heavy cream curdle my scampi sauce - need answer quickly, please!

I'm making shrimp scampi, but I want a little creaminess to it. The only acidic ingredients are two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and one tablespoon of dry vermouth, along, of course with butter and garlic, parsley etc. Will adding a splash of heavy cream curdle it? - Thanks!

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  1. It shouldn't be a problem. The high fat content of the heavy cream will prevent curdling.

    1. Don't bring it to a boil after adding the cream. Boiling can "break" the sauce.

      1. no problem. i make lemon cream sauce frequently. add a little zest, too, for a bit more wow.

        1. Thank you to everyone, I didn't think it would, but I wasn't completely sure - thanks for confirming - I'm looking forward to a great meal :-)!

          1. if it's heavy cream it won't curdle AND you can boil it. That's how they reduce cream sauces. Have done this dozens of times. No curdling.

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                Not if it's full fat. Anything less, definitely. Think of lemon-creams (savoury or sweet) or creamy tomato on pasta. I've put cream in a pasta dish with tomato, wine and red wine vinegar to round out the acidity a bit. I've deglazed the chicken pan with white wine and lemon juice, poured in cream and reduced it down. Silky smooth - no curdling.