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Feb 14, 2010 12:08 PM

new place in thornwood called-Risotto

Hi anyone try this place next to trottas pasta, callled-Risotto in thornwood ny? thanks

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  1. I tried it this weekend with my husband and a friend and we all thought it was exceptional! The food tastes great, especially the chicken Scarparo and fried calamari. They don't have their liquor license yet, hopefully in the next week or two though. Def worth a try though. They also have a huge takeout menu and the prices are really reasonable.

    1. My wife and I went to Risotto last Saturday evening and the place was packed. It wasn't a problem as we had a reservation. The lamb shank marsalla was excellent and the service was very good. Jack, the owner, was attentive and we will go back soon.

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        I am not familiar with Trottas's, where is Risotto located?

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          I have the address listed as 788 Commerce Street in Thornwood. We were going to try it but just haven't gotten there yet. Hope it works out for them.

          1. re: GIOny

            Had dinner there last night. Space was formerly Casa Nostra or something like that. Place was packed. Owner and the chef had worked together at Amalfi in Briarcliff for years. Had the roasted eggplant wrapped in mozzarella with red peppers that was very good only complaint there was too much dressing on the salad that came with it. My wife had the mussels and also liked them. None of the main courses were over $19.95 which I thought was perfect for this kind of restaurant. For a main dish I had the chicken Scarparo which like ssternberg mentioned was very tasty.
            My wife had a pasta dish (sorry forgot) that she really liked even commenting about the sauce. The owner came over and asked if I could switch tables as there was a party of six coming in. I was fine with it as I liked the new table better
            and he was very nice about it, buying us a round of drinks (they have a liquor license now). Nice to have a little cozy restaurant with good Italian food nearby.
            I'll definitely be back.

            1. re: GrifinMil

              Thanks for the pointer, GrifinMil, I never would have noticed this place. Got in tonight, and I recommend Risotto.

              Bread was brought out quickly, and included two pieces of bruschetta. The mussels in white wine sauce, as noted, were very good. The calamari were tender and the addition of a mayo sauce to the usual red was a nice touch.

              The chicken scarparo included sausage and nicely hot peppers, but in the absence of polenta (DH not a fan), spinach and the ziti side were not permitted. It was either/or, so he chose ziti. I got the scallop (gave them to DH) special for the polenta, and it also included hot cherry peppers. The polenta was excellent.

              Coffee was potent and prices were average for Westchester, approx. $50. a person without dessert.

              The only downside -- wine was a half glass pour at $7.50. Even given that, I still recommend them.

              GrifinMil, on the way there and back, I noticed that Spadafino was dark. Are they gone?

              1. re: anonymouse1935

                Anonymouse 1935- Not familiar with Spadafino. But I ate at Risotto last night and really enjoyed the meal again. They had a buttternut squash risotto as a special appetizer which was very good.

                Spadafino's Restaurant
                15 Commerce St, Hawthorne, NY 10532

                1. re: GrifinMil

                  Thanks GrifinMil. I lost track of this thread.

                  I had actually forgotten Risotto's name, and it was mentioned last evening. It deserves another visit.

                  ETA: I just checked Spadafino and their site has been disabled. I guess that answers my question. They had gone the 'charging for a potato' route of late, so apparently they fell on hard times.