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Feb 14, 2010 11:45 AM

Good eats between Williamsport and Sunbury?

Any recs for good restaurants between these two places? My fiance and I are getting tired of eating at typical chain restaurants when we decide to meet at a halfway-ish point for meals. I know there are some hidden gems out there; help me uncover them!

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  1. Lewisburg has some gems worth checking out. Best by far is Elizabeth's American Bistro, Wed thru Sun only, across from the Campus Theater on Market Street. Wonderful for lunch, extraordinary for dinner, but pricey. There is a decent tapas spot on Market at Fifth Street as well. Market at Sixth is the Towne Tavern, a local pub with decent food at fair prices. Vennari's Pizza is on the same block.

    Go west on Market Street from route 15 to Reba and Pancho's, another surprisingly good eatery, local ingredients and a combination of New American with some Mexican touches.

    Lewisburg area is really the only option for the route 15 corridor, not much at all on I-180 and route 147 except Northumberland, which is awful close to Sunbury