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"Rustic Fruit Desserts" anyone?

Has anyone made something from "Rustic Fruit Desserts - Cory Schreiber and Julie Richardson"? I made caramelized pear bread pudding and Lemon Blueberry Buckle last couple of weeks and it is just wonderful.


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  1. No, but I love fruit desserts and mine always end up coming up "rustic", may have to add this to my cookbook collection, thanks!

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      Hi, Yamalam- thank you for your response. I was a bit lonely with response # zero:) Yes, it is a very cute book and I learned a lot about which fruits to pick for which recipe. I also love stonefruits tea cake, too. I am not a big fan of cobblers and crisps, but I am eager to make them this summer.

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        A good old-fashioned cobbler is a thing of beauty. One of my very favorite desserts, and so easy to make. Use buttermilk for your biscuit dough and just throw it on top of the hot fruit in flattened blobs. (That's my 'professional' method, LOL)

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          Does the book have a clafouti recipe? I'm not really happy with the one I used last.

      2. I made the marionberry pie recipe but with ollalieberries (which is mentioned in the recipe as a good substitution) and the pies were wonderful! The sweet pie crust recipe is really easy and very good.

        1. I made the upside-down pear chocolate cake. Absolutely delicious. I used King Arthur's Black Cocoa, so that might have been part of it, but I think it would be delicious regardless.

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            Hi, Elena: I have never seen marionberry, but I like that she alway gives substitution. I have never tried pies yet. I think I should soon.

            Hi of : I baked the same one last month. Used normal Dutch Processed Cocoa bought at Whole Foods, but turned out delicious. I checked KA's Black Cocoa. I am going to order it, too. Thank you for good insights.

          2. With rustic fruit desserts, a galette ALWAYS comes to mind. Just chiming in. : )

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              Sounds good - Cheese Boy. Actually, they have a fig gallette and look s so great.

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                A fig galette? I'd be all over that gooey sticky goodness in a second.

            2. The lemon buttermilk rhubarb bundt cake is seriously awesome. I'm kind of ashamed that it's the only recipe I've used so far - I want to try them all, but somehow haven't managed to, yet. So many recipes, so few meals!

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                That sounds fabulous! would you mind sharing the recipe?

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                  I baked the lemon buttermilt bundt cake twice -- with blueberries. Yum!
                  It is a perfect cake, IMHO. I prefer plain cakes, so I skipped the icing. It is moist, rich and delicious. I think lemon and blueberries are a marriage made in . . . well, a place my (former) marriage was not!

                2. I've been dying to try this Cranberry Clafoutis. It looks great and sounds easy to make.


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                    This looks great. Yes, only one thing missing in this book to me is "Clafoutis". I baked mine based on the recipe in Saveur. Very easy and looked great in my 8" Lodge.


                  2. My copy arrived yesterday and I love it. I made the Lemon Blueberry Buckle last night and brought it into work for breakfast. It was devoured in literally 2 minutes, it was so good, with a nice tangy lemoniness to compliment the blueberries. I bet it'd be really good with fresh rather than frozen berries.

                    I have my eye on the pear raspberry pandowdy next, it looks delicious. Thanks again hobbybaker for recommending this book!

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                      Glad to hear you love it. Yes, Lemon Blueberry Bruckle is phenominal. I am thinking of the same recipe as I found a box of good candied ginger at my local Homegoods for very reasonable price this week. Enoy!

                    2. Thought I'd chime in again because I made the olive oil citrus cake last week and it was AMAZING! it was so easy, and really good, and even better the next day. I highly recommend trying that one.

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                        Hi, Elena. Sounds terrific! What kind of olive oil did you use? I want to try it this weekend and kind of wonder if I need any extra good olive oil for it. I have a bottle of very good italian estate made extra virgin olive oil. I bought it at TJMaxx on sale by 50% off. I also have my "daily" extra virgin olive oil from wholefoods. Thanks!

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                            I like that it uses grapefruit, an under-used citrus IMO. How did you like the grapefruit glaze?

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                              Honestly I used my regular olive oil from Trader Joe's, and i was a little concerned as I poured it in, but in the end it didn't matter at all. The cake was really good, and the grapefruit glaze was fantastic. I think the glaze needs some time to soak in and the flavors meld over time so that's why the cake was even better the second and third day than the first. The oil and the glaze make it so moist, and it's kind of hard to believe how much flavor comes from just the zest of a few fruit(s?). This is definitely going into regular rotation in my kitchen.

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                                Elena, Thanks for your input about olive oil and graze. Look forward to bake the cake over this weekend. I just wondered about the oil as I have just got a book "Olives and Oranges" by sara jenkins, where they talk about the various kind of olive oils.

                                Actually, she has her own olive oil cake recipe there, too. I put the link just for your info. I have never tried it yet. This time I will try the one from the book not this one, though. Thanks!!

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                              I have to chime in, too, w/a recipe not from this book (although you all have convinced me I need it!), but for an olive oil/citrus/almond cake that is out of this world (and requires no zesting). I've made it three times in the past few weeks as my husband can't get enough of it--and thus, there's hardly been any for anyone else to have! It's the "Orange Marmalade Cake" from Orangette's blog, the 2/14 post.


                              ("Marmalade" refers to the method; you begin w/fresh citrus.) I think you could play around w/different citrus fruits. First time, I used a blood orange and a Meyer lemon; second time, regular navel orange and a Meyer lemon; third, navel and regular lemon, as in recipe. All delicious. I'll try with a grapefruit next time.

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                                Nomad - Hi, thanks for your recipe. A blood orange and a Meyer lemon, sounds great. Yes, I love this book so much. I just want to have more time to bake as it has so many great recipes! Life is too short.

                            3. This weekend I made the cranberry buckle, it was really really good. So far everything in this book has been fantastic! We had it for dessert, but would also make a great coffee cake for a brunch.

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                                Elena, gald to hear from you again. I baked the olive cake with the olive oil from Australia, which I bought at TJmaxx. The bottle said it has got some food awards and it is fruity. It was good enough for me to buy it just for 4 bucks. Fantastic. My hus asked me to bake it again for next weekend!!! Yes the book is small but amazing!

                              2. This thread has been inactive for a while, but I just made something else from the book that was so good I had to write in. The Strawberry Shortcake (p38) and Chantilly Cream (p145) - the shortcake was so easy to make, and they are so good. The lemon and orange zest makes it really special. And while the recipe says it feeds 8, I'm thinking it feeds more than that. I made 1.5 times the dough because I was feeding a crowd, but in the end it made WAY too many shortcakes. They must be making very large ones!

                                The macerated strawberries and the chantilly cream were so easy to make, the whole thing took maybe a half hour to put together (including preparing the shortcake dough).
                                I would definitely make this again!