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Mercato Calgary - Anyone else find too salty?

Is it just me or are some of the dishes at Mercato way too salty?

The insalata was too salty. The risotto was salty to begin with then shaved hard cheese and prosciutto on top was way too much salt.

I felt nauseated by the amount of salt in the food. Some of the other dishes were fine but the some were ridiculously salty.

Anyone else have this experience there? Is it just one cook that smokes too much and has no sense of taste?

If I'm going to plunk down good money on a meal, I want something I can enjoy, not something to be endured.

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  1. Hey, I am not trying to bash it out of spite, I am just curious if others find it too salty or is it just my own preferences.

    1. I personally love Mercato, but some people can be sensitive to salt, maybe try something else next time, or ask the server what they would recommend that is not too salty.

      1. I eat at Mercato all the time and do take-out about once a week...I don't find their food too salty.

        1. I've had the same issue - specifically their green beans - they were inedible.

          1. The mushrooms i got the last time I was there were way too salty. I started watching the kitchen and I realized one of the girls had a heavy hand with the salt. But besides that, everything else I've had at Mercatos has been perfect. Perhaps you went on a bad day or it could just be a taste preference. I know I have a high tolerance for salty foods, so I like it when it's really salty. Haha.

            1. I have a low tolerance for salt, but I'm not shy about sending food (such as soups or pasta) back if I find them too salty. I hate steaks that come with coarse salt on it but I just scrape it off.

              I've only been to Mercato twice, I don't recall that it was overly salty but the last time was over a year ago. I really don't understand restaurants that oversalt, it's so easy for people to add salt to taste.

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                Right! If it's too salty send it back. After a few people have done this, the chefs should figure there may be a problem. I do get a little fed up with chefs who feel the amount of salt they use works for everyone. I have the opposite problem - I love salt. I've actually had restaurants refuse my request for a salt shaker because 'chef seasons the food perfectly'. To which my response is, to take packages out of my purse! They give up and let me have my salt. But I agree, it is easier to add than remove.

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                  " I've actually had restaurants refuse my request for a salt shaker because 'chef seasons the food perfectly'." - LOL this happened to my mom at Big Fish when they first opened (she really likes salt, too). After a lot of discussion (she can be quite assertive) the server brought a little dish of sea salt. She won't go back but I did notice last time I was at Big Fish they had salt shakers on the table.

                  Mercato Italian Gourmet Cultura
                  2224 4th St SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1W9, CA

                  Big Fish
                  1112 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3K4, CA

              2. Mercato is a great place, great environment great food but yes at times it is salty at times

                1. Yes! I keep having this problem because I actually love the food but I always leave feeling like I need to chug 1 litre of water just to dilute the as-salt. When I cook at home, I don't use any salt so I have a problem at a lot of restaurants but Mercato is consistently the worst for it. I think I will try asking them to tone it down next time because that is my only issue with the place; everything else is divine.