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Feb 14, 2010 10:57 AM

Feed me in Coronado please.

Husband and I are staying at the Glorietta Bay Inn on Coronado for a 3-4 night intown getaway in April. The plan is to park the car and forget about it or at least stay within Coronado. With that in mind where do you recommend we chow down within walking distance in "downtown" Coronado?
Breakfast is covered, but can you offer some suggestions for lunch, dinner, happy hour, dessert? Casual pub food to whatever; my tummy has no preference at this point. If we were to expand our horizons beyond downtown, where on Coronado is worth hopping in the car for; anything yummy towards Ferryboat Landing or hotel dining toward Silver Strand? Any hidden gems?

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  1. I'm in the same boat you are. I hope someone responds with some good suggestions. I can tell you what we've tried and wouldn't recommend. My husband and I live in San Diego and every once in a while get this idea of heading over to Coronado to walk on the beach and have something to eat. So far we haven't had much success. Here's what we've tried and been disappointed by: Chez Loma: this was my family's go to restaurant for special meals from the time my parents first married until I was a teenager. Around that time I believe the ownership and chef changed and it was not for the better. My husband and I gave it a try this summer and found the food to be just ok, but very salty, with a tired dining room and lackluster service. It's true- you can't go home again! Rhinoceros Grill: again, used to be really tasty, but the two meals we had there in the last year were downright awful- gristly steak and bone dry fish with some gloppy sauce. As for the ferry landing, we had dinner at Il Fornaio one evening this summer. While the deck and view are wonderful, the food was awful- my pasta was mushy, his chicken was rubbery. Tasted like they had come from the freezer into the microwave. The wine was shockingly overpriced for what they were offering (primarily low to mid price points from large CA producers). Tent City- tried to eat dinner there one Sunday around 5:30. Hostess seated us. After 20 minutes with no menus or server in sight, we left. Peohe's: Husband was so put off by how run down and shabby the entry & bar areas were that he was afraid of what the kitchen would be like, so we headed to Il Fornaio, and , well, you know how that went.

    Next on our list to try is Eno and 1500 Ocean at the Del, which I've heard really good things about. It would be really nice to learn of some more casual places on the island...anyone?

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      1500 Ocean is not to be missed, but it will certainly challenge your wallet.

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        I like Chance Bistro in Coronado when I am there.

        Not great, but good for Coronado.

        Never seems to get mentioned on here.

      2. Just heard from a buddy that il Fornaio *ran out of food* on Valentines Day. Not just a few items, but things like Caesar Salad. No excuse.

        But we did have a pleasant meal there Friday night. It's no Addison, but it was "nice".

        1. Dannys Palm Bar makes a good greasy burger.

          1. Burger Lounge for lunch
            1500 Ocean for a nice dinner

            1. happy hour at the Brigantine for some decent fish tacos and marg's..
              love love love Danny Palms for the dive cheeseburger and beer.
              1500 Ocean for getting gussied up and spending some $$.
              Crown Bistro is pretty decent French bistro.
              Take the water taxi over to the Gaslamp..Cafe Chloe, Dobson's, Grant Grill, Basic for pizza, Cowboy Star.


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                1500 Ocean @ The Del would be at the top of my list for a fine dining experience. For more casual venues, consider Miguel's @ the El Cordova Hotel and The Rhineceros Cafe on Orange Ave. The Sheerwater @ the Hotel Del is very nice for lunch if you want oceanviews with your meal. :)