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Feb 14, 2010 10:05 AM

Nick and Eddy - never again (sorry, long rant)

Had dinner at Nick and Eddy last night – what a mistake not heeding all the comments regarding the bad service.

The dining room was ¾ full when we arrived for our 7:30 reservation. The space is very nice and we had a great table in the center. Our waitperson arrived promptly and took our drink order: 2 Bombay Sapphire martinis with extra olives up, 1 Tanqueray martini up, and a Makers Mark manhattan on the rocks. We got 2 B Sapphire martinis with olives (good), the Tanqueray martini had no olives (bad), and the manhattan was served up (bad). I told the waitperson the manhattan was ordered on the rocks – she apologized took the drink back to the bar (she also apologized for the olive less martini).

Since we were close to the bar, I watched as the bartender took the up manhattan and dumped it into a glass of ice. When she brought it over, I mentioned how the bartender had simply poured the up drink into a glass of ice, which she responded with, “oh”. I said I hate to be a pain, but I’d prefer a new drink as the one served was a bit watery from being shaken with ice. 8 minutes when by and no replacement drink – our waitperson seemed too busy chatting with the other wait staff to care.

When she finally brought the drink, we placed our appetizer order - frog legs which were fantastic and oysters. The food came quick and was very good.

When we were ready to order our entrées, our waitperson either didn’t know the answers to our questions or simply read the description verbatim from the menu. We then placed our dinner order: lamb chops, chicken, short ribs, sea bass, and another round of drinks.

15 minutes after ordering the second round, our drinks were served. 30 minutes after ordering our dinners she stopped by to apologize for the food delay and wanted to know if we wanted more drinks. At the 40 minute mark our food finally arrived – all 4 dishes were warm at best. They were brought to the table by someone other than our waitperson and they were just dropped off - no chance to ask questions or request a glass of wine. The lamb was ordered medium rare and was actually cold in the center, the chicken was very good, the flavors of the sea bass were very good (would’ve been much better if served hot), and the short ribs were ok.

At this point in our meal we were too fed-up to complain. Not to mention the host / manager was too busy on his iPhone to notice what was happening. Also, we were with good friends having a good time so we just laughed the whole thing off as a bad experience and realization we won’t ever be back.

We opted to pay the bill and have dessert and coffee next door at Café Lurcat. Much, much better.

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  1. I've really, really tried to L\like N & E's; been there many times and have never had a meal to my liking, nor have had good service. I was there Saturday night and had the frogs legs, and I thought they were not cooked long enough - chewy and not hot. The other couple was paying and I didn't want to offend them by complaining.

    1. I've always loved Nick & Eddie since I first started going there about a year ago. I generally sit at the bar with a couple friends, have a couple drinks and occasionally get some food to nosh on...

      It makes me sad that you had a bad experience there... the couple of times that my service was less-than fantastic, was when I was at a table and had a newer server. Other than that, the bartenders have always been super-friendly and helpful (especially Shon and Ryan), and Doug (the manager) is fun to chat with.

      The food has always been *wonderful*... my favorites being the chicken tacos, pot roast, and yummy burgers that you can get goat cheese on. Mmm...

      Nick & Eddie
      1612 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403

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      1. re: opheliac9

        I too have tried, I mean really tried to enjoy this place. I'd heard it was a foodie-haven, with all star chefs making cameos there all the time and every single time I've been it's just been a complete disaster.

        I went 4 times, which is 3 too many but like I said, I was really giving it a chance. The first time I got the burger which was served on a bialy (a bialy, wtf? would you ever think of serviing a burger on a bagel?) and was a total disappointment. The subsequent times I've been I've invariably had awful, unattentative service. One of the times I went our server was so clearly high she could barely walk let alone take our order.

        Sorry N&E. I live 3 blocks away and I'll never go again, which is sad for both of us.

        1. re: Brad Ballinger

          I don't understand how anyone can like the place. The stress vibes are high, and when I go to a restaurant, I prefer to have my waitperson be at least NICE to me, and if they aren't, the food better be damn good (it wasn't.)

        2. I wanted to like this place. Nice decor intimate setting. We ordered the missippi greens. I think it would have been great if I had not watched it sit under the hot plate for ten minutes before the bartender quit fussing with his hair and texting to bring it to us. Dressing had broke and greens were luke warm. Yes I like to eat at the bar but there was only three other customers at the bar. Next we had the smorgasboard plate. The pate and rillettes were unbelievable. However we wonderd how we were suppose to eat it, with a spoon perhaps. I finally asked our unnatentive bartender if this was suppose to come with bread or crackers? Once again these were sitting in the window and he forgot to bring them. He basically threw them at us with no apology or comment whatsoever and went back to texting. Next was the fish and chips which had been so highly reviewed. Undercooked gooey breading decent fries. Fabulous tartar sauce. Next was a scotch egg not bad on the sausage but the egg might have been cooked last year. Dissapointing. Also we had the pierogies. They might have been stuffed with shredded napkin. Flavorless but nicely seared. Oh I want to like this place but servers who expect you to bow down and beg to be served and consistent food mistakes Great concept poor execution. This food could have been great if executed properly. Sad

          1. Wow - thanks to all who posted. I was gonna take the BF to N&E based partly on Dara's rec, but forget it now. Bad service leaves a bad taste in your mouth.