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Feb 14, 2010 09:33 AM

Paphos, Cyprus

Yes, I know it's very touristy (that's why we're going). And. like everyone else, I know of 7 St Georges as a good place for meze. But what else is particularly noteworthy.

Obviously Cypriot cuisine particularly welcomed but as we're going to be there for a fortnight, all options considered.


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  1. Bump.

    We had to cancel our trip but it looks as though it might be on again in the autumn. Still looking for decent eats.

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      Hey I hope I'm not too late.

      I grew up in Cyprus not in Paphos but close. The best place to eat in the whole island would be a little place called piatakia it's in limassol. The guy that owns it is always there and extreamly friendly and helpful he takes traditional Cypriot foods and ideas and turns them into something amazing the place is absolutely great. You'll have a little bit of a drive but it's definetly worth it!

      An other few things you should try! Hallumi is a grillable friable Cypriot goat cheese, we eat is usually with watermelon. Shushuko is an other thing you should try its very hard to describe though. It's made from crapes and has nuts in it, it's on a string. Lukumades are also very good. They are a sweet they're fried dough dipped in syrop.

      Try to avoid getting mezedes by the harbor their not very good and their over priced especially if you don't speak Greek. Go further up into the little vilages and mountain areas you'll get better food for cheaper and it's also more authentic.

      This might sound a little bad, but for the best food go into the restaurants that look out of date and old. They're usually owned by old Greek cooks who make the best food. Also try High chapparel in Limassol.

      Sorry I can't give you more specifics about restaurants in Pafos but I lived in Limassol. Hope I was at least a little informative.
      Best of luch

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        We've visited Pafos a number of times over the years and know a couple of places in the villages to get good mezedes. Around the tourist area, we havnt found much of good quality - hence the post to see if we've just missed the "great little place someone knows". We'll probably have a drive to Limassol one day so will try and find Piatakia.

    2. Hello , going to Cyprus next week are there any updates of non-touristy (read good authentic cheap ) places on the Paphos side of the island. How about markets where we could get fresh food etc . to cook at home.

      Thanks ,

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        I'd given up on this thread and been getting my ideas from TripAdvisor and a couple of Cyrpus based forums. Loads of useful information out there is you search for it. We'll be there in a fortnight.

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          please share your resources. i am headed there in a month!

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            Bear in mind my last trip was the one mentioned in 2010, so things may have changed with individual restaurants. The Cyprus based forum I found most helpful is this one :

            "Harters" is my username there so I think you may be able to find all my reviews quite easily.