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Feb 14, 2010 09:32 AM


Anyone ever seen this meat around? I've had it in Italy (stracotto d'asino aka musso is a specialty of the Veneto countryside) and it was great.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is unavailable, but I do find one sighting of donkey stew, from 2004:

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  1. Typically, Bergamesque cuisine is on the heavy side because of the severe winters of the Italian Alps. Perhaps the most famous dishes are the many types of polenta preparations -- for example, grilled and served with salami, braised meats, or donkey stew (!).
    Of course, none of the food listed above is very appropriate for a hot August evening. Perhaps, then, it is not too surprising that there aren't many Bergamesque offerings currently on La Strada's menu -

    From my reading it wasn't a sighting but a recitation of Bergamesque specialties.

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      Ah, right you are. So zero sightings. No surprise.

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        La Strada's former chef chef from Bergamo now has his own restaurant, Donato Enoteca, in Redwood City, if you want to see if he'll make this dish.

    2. Had it in X'ian. If I remember correctly it was thin sliced,served cold, maybe w/a chlli oil. If I wasn't told it was donkey, I wouldn't have known.

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          No, (LOL), more like bad brisket