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Feb 14, 2010 09:28 AM

traditional quebecois fare in Quebec City?

Hi all,

My partner and I live in Montreal and are headed to quebec city for two nights and three days. I've checked out previous posts, and I'm most grateful for the dinner and breakfast recommendations. The dinner restos are mostly bistros and higher-end "new quebec" cuisine, which is great. But I was hoping to also sample something more traditional—tourtiere and such?— which I figured would be easier to find there than here in Montreal.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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  1. Aux anciens Canadiens is probably a good bet:
    34 Rue Saint-Louis, Vieux-Quebec
    (418) 692-1627

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    1. re: Chocolatine

      I tried this place last time I was in Qeubec city. We were wondering around looking for a place and this one looked like the best, so we took a chance...

      I was really concerned when I saw that the wait staff were wearing costumes. I thought that we had fallen into a tourist trap. It turned out that we had nothing to worry about. The food wasn't amazing or anything but it was well cooked home-style food at very reasonable prices. I had the Tourtière and it was great. The filling was perfect and the crust was well made and executed.

      A solid bet if you aren't expecting anything too fancy.

      1. re: The Chemist

        Just want to add, I had the Menu du jour, which was an awesome value. I don't think I would go for the regular menu as it looks a bit $$$

    2. i've never been here but from the menu, it seems like what you're looking for:

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        Maybe not. I just looked at the menu for Le Cochon Dingue and it's all French food with a few American BBQ items tossed in. Not a single Québécois dish in sight.

      2. The original comment has been removed