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Feb 14, 2010 09:25 AM

best traditional Catalan restaurant in Barcelona

I've read many of the posts, have all sorts of good food suggestions, but I'm wondering about the one (possibly hard to find) place where it's all about traditional catalan cooking. I'll probably do the modern molecular thing too, but I'd like to have a great traditional place on my list as well.

Will be in Barcelona for 3 weeks, April to May.

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    1. re: rrems

      I second La Dama if the budget allows. Thanks to rrems's recommendation, I had a terrific meal there last year. A little less expensive is Fonda Gaig (not Can Gaig which is equally good but 'modern' cooking) and Casa Calvert. There are many earlier posts regarding to everyday types of places on this board.

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        Are reservations a must for either of those places?

        1. re: anonymoose

          It is not always a must. Since are all fairly upscale sit down restaurants, I would, especially for Friday and Saturday nights.

    2. My friend who lived in Barcelona took us to an affordable Catalan joint in Gracia, Taverna el Nou Glop. It's actually part of a group of four restaurants. Here are addresses -

      1. Hola,
        Restaurant Agut (16, Gignas street). Authentic and tradicional catalan cooking.
        Enjoy Barcelona.

        1. Simple traditional Catalan cooking is quite simple, consisting of meats cooked over a charcoal grill plus tomato bread, cured meats and sausage and a simple salad. This is heartening, cheap and tasty, especially accompanied by a bottle or two of rustic chilled wine. El Glop is this kind of place. I prefer Can Punyetes which is a small chain, very popular and not really known to tourists. Their best restaurant is just above Diaginal on c/ Maria Cubi, 189. You can´t reserva a table so may have a wait if you don´t pitch up early but it´s an atmospheric place, lots of Catalan families and slightly bad tempered waiters but it´s packed with charm and cheap too. It also has many good bars close by for a drink afterwards.
          I also love La Tomaquera which is in Poble Sec on c/ Tapioles 17. This is quite hard core. Again, no booking (nice bar just infront for a great beer), rushed waiters and mounds of grilled meats, salads and huge pans of snails (Very Catalan!) Again, it´s cheap, alot of fun, and slightly off the tourist trail.
          My new favourite is Casa Delfin on the PAseo del Born, 36, smack in the middle of town. This restaurant has a lot of charm and has a very traditional Catalan menu with rice dishes, lots of fish and dishes of the day. it´s very cheap at lunchtime and does the best arroz negro in Barcelona. It´´s more expensive than the first two but not by much. The Born is great for a mojito afterwards.
          If you want to go upscale the Fonda del Gaig has very good food but is extremely expensive.