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Feb 14, 2010 09:20 AM

Private dining room for b-day party - London or someplace easily accessible from London

Am looking to book a private dining room for my husband's upcoming birthday.

Would like a room with some character/ambience - I looked at several of Gordon Ramsay's private dining rooms and they looked like conference rooms! Horrid! It can be in London or somewhere outside of London but easily acccessible by public transport. Someplace that can hold up to 30 people and serves excellent food (obviously).

Prefer a restaurant that allows diners to choose from a selection of entrees, rather than having to pre-decide a fixed menu as a few friends are vegetarian or have food allergies.

It can be for either lunch or dinner and I'm willing to spend up to 100ukp per person, service/tips/gratuities included. Any suggestions?

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  1. I think tha 30 covers will be too much for most private rooms, except maybe the hotels, which will be £££.

    Greens in Duke St. SW1 may let you have their basement, and Foxtrot Oscar in SW3 (Ramsay) might let you have the whole place?

    If ambiance is a a big issue, then you either make your own in a private room, or maybe you could organise a few adjacent tables some where lively like Langan's off Piccadilly. Quaglinos used to be good for this sort of thing, but I've not been for a couple of years.

    Another thought: Is any of your party a member of a suitable club? They can do these events well. I go each year to a supper for about 40 in the Royal Ocean Racing Club which is a great success.

    1. the only place i can think of, which has a bit of character and might cope with your numbers, is bam bou on charlotte st. i haven't eaten there for a few years though. my previous view was that it was nice but a bit over-priced . their cocktails will add to the party vibe though.

      1. Did you check out Ramsay at Claridges? They have larger rooms, they are Art Deco style in a very grand old hotel so a long way from corporate. Another option could be "Corrigans" as they have a largish room. Or you could try a smaller place and take over part of it, for example the Harwood Arms has a section that could be sectioned off and would hold 30, they can do large platters of very interesting food including thinks like crown roast of venison (it looks spectacular).

        I think you will struggle to get much choice, maybe a choice of two mains plus a pre-orederd vegitarian course. Thirty simultaneous meals will stretch small kitchens and even large hotel kitchens won't be able to do a wide range of dishes for that number.

        1. Do check the private dining arrangements at The Stafford Hotel in St. James. They have a wonderful room in their >300 year old wine cellar, along with the guidance of their Master Sommelier. The food is wonderful there. The staff are even more wonderful, as is the chef, Mark Budd.

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          1. re: JanePond

            Jane do you know, or have you visited any other places in London?

            I ask because the three posts you have on London all recommend one place, The Stafford Hotel, for one purpose or another. It is somewhere that seems to have past me by, do any others have any insight?

            1. re: PhilD

              It is indeed a lovely tucked away spot, which could almost be a film set for a perfect, discrete, very swish London hotel. Actually it's no more than 50m from the RORC where the annual dinner I mentioned above will take place early next month. We often gather first in the bar of the Stafford, bags of character. Never eaten there, but I'd bet it's excellent.

              1. re: Robin Joy

                Robin, I don't doubt it is a nice spot, but I am intrigued that it is such good for three different things: a jet lagged lunch, a roast lunch (only on Thursday and Sunday), and a special dinner for 30. However, it could simply be because I recently read; of course I may be wrong.

                1. re: PhilD

                  It's great for afternoon tea as well. Very good rendition of the classic items. Thanks to Howler for the tip.

              2. re: PhilD

                LOL! Yes, I have eaten at many restaurants in London, way too numerous to list, but on my last trip: Le Gavroche, Al Duca, L'Orangerie,, River Cafe, Matsuri's....for example. It's just that I always stay at the Stafford and find their Dining Room under Mark Budd is excellent and very good for the specific recommendations that were asked. It is wet and nasty here in Philly with snow on the ground and sleet hitting my windows. I would kill for some of Mark Budd's "Foie gras terrine with rabbit" and then some real comfort food, 'Bangers and Mash."

            2. Maybe Bocca di Lupo would fit the bill? Good food (not as great as is made out, but good), centrally located in Soho, and a cool private room.