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Feb 14, 2010 09:11 AM

Sam's Kid

Had a great dinner last night at Sam's Kid, the new Asian tapas restaurant in Fell's Point. First, let me share just a few negatives to get them out of the way:
1) service: I had seen some reviews before we went about the service being rude. We did not experience that at all. However, the food took an extremely long time to come out. My husband and I love to dine, but the wait was too long and seemed odd because I think we were the only table waiting for an order.
2) wine: for wine lovers like myself, you may be frustrated like I was that you can only order wine by the glass, not the bottle.
3) table spacing: the tables for 2 up front are extremely close to one another. We could hear our neighbor's entire convervation, which makes intimacy difficult.
4) music: the music played throughout our meal was such a varied selection (from upbeat pop to more techno-y instrumental) It didn't bother me as much as it did my husband, but seemed out of place for the Asian tapas theme.

With those grips out of the way, I do want to rave about the delicious food. My husband and I shared several dishes:
The noodle soup with chicken and shrimp: This was a highlight for both of us. This warm soup with delicious noodles, high quality jumbo shrimp, tender chicken, and incredibly fresh tasting vegetables hit the spot on a chilly night. It was huge-- definitely great for sharing!
The greeen beans: The green beans were also wonderful. Fresh green beans cooked in a very spicy black bean sauce. We actually ended up getting a side of jasmine rice to eat with it to help mellow out the heat.
The mixed skewers: Chicken, shrimp, and tofu skewers served with a peanut dipping sauce. The shrimp were my favorite-- they were huge and cooked perfectly.
Wasabi shumai: These shrimp dumplings were also delicious and had a nice kick of spice.
We also shared 2 rolls-- salmon and avocado and spicy tuna. Both were made with top of the line fish and were wonderful.

I also should note that for the quanity and quality of food, the prices are phenomenal. I think everything we ordered was less than $10 each, and the portions were huge.

We will definitely be back on another winter night to share a noodle soup and perhaps try some more dishes. Hopefully at some point they will begin offering bottles of wine too!

I was especially shocked at how cheap the meal was, considering the high quality of the fod.

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  1. Agree that the food is very good. We there this past Saturday evening and the service was very pleasant and very slooooooooow, Sadly. I had the ramen bowl (new) and it was delicious. Husband had a shrimp and vegetable dish, also tasty. And we started with the agedashi tofu, very good. But the service was slooooooow. The food took forever to come out and when it did, my husband's came out first and we ate through half of it together before my ramen arrived. If you can handle the service, it's worth it. If not, well, don't bother.

    1. We went there the week the Baltimore Sun review came out and ended up there on a night that caught the restaurant off-guard. The food was pretty decent, but nothing outstanding and we haven't had the yearning to return since.

      The really odd thing about the evening wasn't just the sloooow service but the fact that the owner was too busy canoodling with regulars hanging out at the bar, allegedly cooking in the kitchen and/or hanging out to be bothered to either run the food, greet us at the table or bus the tables.

      We arrived around 8pm and there were only a couple of tables besides ourselves, however, about 80% of the remaining tables still had the serviceware remnants of the diners before us. Meaning the tables were stacked with dirty plates, glasses and silverware that no one bothered to bus and clean.

      Admittedly, they were caught off-guard by the review and the resulting business, and while the only bartender/waitress on staff that night was busy running around like a chicken with her head cut off, the owner couldn't be bothered. The owner would bring the food to the bar and have the bartender/waitress run the plates to the tables. Never mind that the girl was already in the weeds, the owner was above actually serving food or clearing tables.

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      1. re: onocoffee

        We have the exact same story.
        Same sloooooow service, and there was only one other table besides us last time we went (we've been several times hoping they get their act together). We really like the food, but it's frustrating when my wife gets her entree first (before our apps) and then it takes 10 mins til my entree is served, and then the apps come out afterwards. Very confusing.
        Of course, all while the owner is having a good time at the bar talking with friends.
        We want to like the place, but ...

        1. re: drunk_again

          They had outdoor tables this weekend and it was good.