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Feb 14, 2010 08:04 AM

Looking for Tea shops

I am getting into tea, particulrly Sencha and matcha, and am curious of others thoughts of good tea shops/houses in SF.

I remeber someone telling me about a great place in Chinatown, maybe on or just off grant?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Lupicia San Francisco Center.

    Lupicia Tea Shop - 865 Market St # 255 San Francisco, CA

    1. Red Blossom is the place in Chinatown, unless you're thinking of Imperial Tea Court. Neither is Japanese. Lupicia is Japanese but sells tea rather than serves it.

      The branch of Samovar at Page and Laguna is worth a stop if you're looking for sitdown.

      Good matcha is rarely available in the US.

      1. it's definitely pricy, but I'd highly recommend Samovar

        1. We now buy all our bulk tea from Mighty Leaf...and have an embarrassingly large collection now. All of their bulk teas have been excellent.

          1. The place you are trying to remember is probably Vital Leaf Tea, which is on Grant. They have a entertaining staff running constant tea tastings. You can wind up dropping big money on fancy rare teas, but the tasting is free.