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Feb 14, 2010 07:32 AM

Mid Coast Maine VS. Boston

After sampling the best Boston has to offer over the last 10 years, I have come to the conclusion that mid coast maine has better food than that whole city. I wish I were wrong but every time I drop serious coin on a high end boston restaurant I am usually left feeling a little ripped off. I am happy to live in an area with so many great chefs.

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  1. Your statement lacks a lot of substance. Are you comparing food or prices?
    I feel the best Boston has to offer isn't at high end restaurants.
    I usually feel ripped off at most high end restaurants regardless of the city and will try to avoid them unless I can expenses the meal.

    Now....where in mid-coast Maine should I be eating?

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      I am talking about food mostly, We went to Myers and Chang on Friday and Clio on Saturday and I was not really impressed with either. M&C had the potential to be fantastic but the food just wasn't there. Clio was a total letdown. My wife's food a Clio was good but she had a similar dish in Camden a few nights earlier and was more impressed with it. My dishes were lukewarm and not well seasoned at all. KO was in the kitchen and it was Valentines Weekend so I was surprised by the amateur mistakes.
      Places to try in MidCoast Maine.
      on the high end. Primo, Francine, The Edge, Suzuki Sushi, In Good Company, lily bistro
      Middle of the Road. Amalfi, Cafe Miranda, Peter Otts, Brevetto
      Cheap and Good. Mariners in Camden, Home Ktichen Cafe, Brown Bag, Wasses Hot Dogs
      Gourmet Food Shops. Market Basket, Farmers Fare, Sweets and Meats, good tern co-op
      Jess's Market for great seafood.

      1. re: mainecoastchef

        Sorry to hear about your Clio experience. I've only been once for a private function with a limited menu.
        Thank you very much for the list of places which will come in handy as my daughter has decided to attending Colby this fall and I'll be spending more time in Maine the next four years. Brown Bag, Home Kitchen Cafe, Cafe Miranda and Peter Otts are a few I already know about and like a lot.

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          Hi mainecoastchef-I'm from Boston and adore eating in Maine, too. We are considering a long weekend next weekend (1st weekend of March) in Camden and I'm wondering of the places you list, which in Camden are open? I know that Francine is and we will be eating there one night. Can you provide any more info about the restaurants you listed (ie, why you like them) and if you think they are open off-season? Also, do you know of any other food adventures (farmers markets, great food stores, etc) in the area? Thanks so very much.

          1. re: CookingGirl

            The only place thats not open right now that I mentioned is the Edge and it's actually not in Camden anyway. If you do Francine one night I would reccomend going to Rockland the other night to check out a few of the places I mentioned. You could start at In Good Company for a nice wine bar atmosphere with great small plates, or Suzuki Sushi for the best of the local seafood harvest. The staff at Suzuki is really awesome these days, very friendly and the place just has a nice vibe. Those two places are next door to each other which is nice. Everything in Rockland is within walkin distance so hopping from place to place would be a fun way to take in a few places while you're in town. As for cool food adventures check out Farmers Fare and the Market Basket in Rockport both have their high points. I get all my seafood from Jess's Market in Rockland and they have a nice little store for browsing and getting the best local seafood. Wasses hot dogs are a local favorite and a good cheap lunch and I love Marriners for breakfast in Camden. Home Kitchen Cafe in Rockland has great inventive food in a "just right" atmosphere. Most of the places I listed have their own websites so you could check them out yourself and pick what suits you. Good luck and let me know how your experience is.

      2. Maine does have great food, but there are TONS of things you can find in Boston that you (or maybe just I) can't find in Maine.

        It sounds to me like you're mainly talking about high end restaurants..

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        1. re: corinnerose

          I live in the Boston area and agree that there are things in Boston not available in Maine, but I think midcoast Maine has some great spots (such as those mentioned above) and much better breakfast spots. Brown Bag and Thomaston Cafe are not to be missed, and I dream about the donuts at Willow Bake Shoppe. (Full Disclosure: my sister owns WBS, but I dreamt about them even before she owned it.) The molasses glazed, when they are still warm, are delicious. And Primo in Rockland is my favorite restaurant anywhere, especially if you sit at the bar.

          1. re: minddancez

            i grew up on willow street donuts, we would stop there on the way to junior high and they would give us all the messed up ones. I also bought my first house about 100 yards from the original location when it was there. We tried Mikes City Diner on the trip that I made this post after and I thought it was pretty cool. Sassy but sweet waitstaff and steaming hot plates piled high with good food, diner goodness.

        2. Recently moved to midcoast Maine from Boston and the food scene here is awesome for an area this size. Three things I do miss however: Indian food (Punjab in Arlington - drool), REAL Mexican food (still dream about Tacos Lupita in Somerville), and a geniune roast beef sandwich (Harrisons - N. Andover / even Kelly's). Other than that though, zero complaints.

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          1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

            I think this sort of sums it up: it really depends what you're looking for. If you're looking for spicy or international food, the Maine coast is pretty lacking: Cafe Miranda is great, but won't satisfy cravings for "authentic," and is only one place anyway. To the Dhaba and Tacos Lupita I would add Dok Bua and Montien (*real* Thai food), Vietnamese banh mi places in Dorchester, Zoe's for real Sichuan, Brazilian BBQ in Somerville and Medford... no way you're getting any food like that on the Maine coast. I love Red's Eats and Cafe Miranda but overall I'd never, ever trade the food options in Boston for those in Maine.

            Red's Eats
            Main, Wiscasset, ME 04578

            Cafe Miranda
            15 Oak St, Rockland, ME 04841