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Feb 14, 2010 07:23 AM

Favorite dijon-crusted salmon dish?

I am looking for something not sweet, with a crusty outside, either baked or pan-fried.

Does anybody have a favorite salmon preparation involving dijon mustard, but not honey?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Lately I've been using panko a lot as a crust and love it. I would suggest just coating the salmon with a thin layer of dijon, then make a mixture of panko, fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, basil), lemon zest, minced garlic, s&p, olive oil and press into the mustard to cover the salmon. Bake for 10-15 minutes on pretty high temp (375-400) until top is brown.

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      I don't have panko, but i do have whole wheat bread crumbs . . . I think I'll follow the rest of your directions and sub in those. Thanks very much =)

      1. re: Obessed

        Salmon turned out wonderfully. Thanks for the suggestion!

        1. re: operagirl

          Awesome - glad you enjoyed it :-)

      2. Dijon and/or grainy mustard mixed with yogurt is nice. Then rolled in the crumb coating of your choice. You could even let it sit in the yogurt mixture for awhile as a marinade. I used to make this in the early 90s with good success.

        1. One of our faves is :
          3 TBLSP Mayo
          1TBLSP Dijon
          2 tsp lemon juice
          lot of dill
          (I don't measure any of this, proportions are approx)

          Coat the salmon fillet, top with breadcrumbs ( I like panko, but any kind will do), drizzle with melted butter or spray w/ olive oil, bake at 400 for ~ 15 min- delish!