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Feb 14, 2010 07:21 AM

Favorite restaurants in the Lehigh Valley, PA

I am fairly new to the Lehigh Valley. My hubby and I are foodies and love to try new restaurants. However, there is nothing more disappointing than to go to and plan to spend a nice evening and the food is terrible! I would like to hear from other foodies about their favorite restaurants in the Lehigh Valley. Likewise, I plan to post new reviews as I try new establishments.
My favorite restaurant that I have been over the last two years to is Cavallo's on route 611 in Easton. I just submitted a full review. It is expensive so I recommend it for very special occasions.

Cavallo La Locanda 'del
510 S Delaware Dr, Easton, PA 18042

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  1. There really is a lot to offer in the LV, but you have to be willing to get off the beaten path. In Easton, there's a terrific lebanese deli across from the Giant on Sullivan Trail. Sogo is good sushi. Fat Daddy's BBQ is really good (also on Sullivan Trail). Cafe del Mar up in Belfast is really good and laid back. Bethlehem offers plenty and you can search the board for specifics. South Side has a great chocolatier (though I'm blanking on his name. It's across the street from Home & Planet.)
    Good luck, but I highly recommend searching the boards for recommendations. Also, check out the LV Cooperative Extension for the Farmer & Farmer's Market map. It has all the farm-to-consumer places listed for Lehigh & Montgomery Counties and will keep you in good stead for local products in season.
    Oh, and Bolete over near Bethlehem is supposed to be phenomenal. Special occasion, but phenomenal.

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      The chocolate place is called Tallarico's Chocolates. I LOVEEEEEE his chocolate-covered oreos!

    2. We were in Bethlehem this weekend for skiing and we went to Asia restaurant on Susquehanna in Allentown for Chinese New Year on Sunday night. The food was delicious, well prepared and so very reasonably priced. The service was also great.

      1. I grew up in the Lehigh Valley and have since lived in NYC and SF. I'm back in the Lehigh Valley now and food here is nowhere near as good as any major city, but there are a few bright spots. My favorite place ever is Bolete. It's near perfection, but it's definitely fine dining with prices to match. I also really like Spice India near the mall, Soumaya & Sons in Whitehall for Middle Eastern, and Thai Thai II on Main St. in Bethlehem. Dolce Patisserie in Hellertown is as good a bakery as you'll find anywhere.

        1. One of my favorite restaurants in the Valley is Grille 3501 (great martinis and filet mignon!) on Broadway in Allentown. I work in downtown Allentown, so a great place for lunch is Nana's Cafe on Hamilton Street. Fiesta Ole in Macungie (although they're supposed to have two new locations in Bethlehem and Whitehall) has fantastic mexican food - very authentic. The Fogelsville Hotel right off I78/22 & Route 100 is home to my favorite chicken dish - lemon chicken alfredo! I've written reviews for all these places on the Lehigh Valley InSite blog (, where you'll also find reviews on tons of other restaurants too if you're interested.

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            Fiesta Ole is one of the worst restaurants I've ever been to. It's completely unauthentic and poor quality.
            I've never heard of a restaurant like that being considered 'authentic'.

          2. Bolete
            Savory Grille
            Glasbern Inn
            Grille 3501
            Thai Thai II
            Apollo Grille
            River Grille
            Setta Luna
            I would recommend them in that order. There are a number of excellent casual and ethnic places as well. I hope you have discovered the Allentown Farmers Market. It is not pretty but everything is excellent.