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Feb 14, 2010 06:38 AM

JFood...New Canaan question

Hi JFood-
I know you're the NC expert...I feel like I either read or heard about a "new" restaurant in NC sometime in the past year. I think it's on Elm. Not Harvest Supper, not Pain's a dinner place. Is Chef Luis relatively new? Is it good?

Also, I've clearly been gone for awhile! What happened to our board? Why don't they make a FF County/NYC burbs board that really reflects where we're most likely to be eating? (I'm sure this has been discussed, just surprised by what I found when I was looking for you this morning!)

We have reservation at one of your favorites tonight...Aloi.
Thanks for any info!

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  1. Avasmom - Our tristate board has vamoosed and we now have the pleasure of wading thru posts in places none of us FFDers eat in...fine if you want to travel 2 hours north and sample some of the best the RI and Mass suburbs have to offer (!!) but not so great if you , you know have the "whacky" idea of wanting to stay local and eat in the surrounding suburbs of NYC. Our Westchester friends have a similar predicament since the split...they now have the delights of dining in syracuse et al to clog up their search for good chow in their locale...

    Voice your discontent here, although most of our complaints seem to be falling on deaf ears...

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      Thanks for the info. I posted on that link. This change makes no sense at all for how ppl in FFD county actually go out to eat.

    2. The two new places in town in the last year are NC Diner on Forest and Roccos.

      The former is pretty good for breakfast and is packed with HS kids after the movies so jfood is glad they have opened.

      Roccos is not to jfood's liking, almost chain pig with some lipstick.

      Chef Luis has been around a few years after Luis left Sole. Jfood likes it more recently than when he opened.

      And if Aloi has the Osso Bucco, major good dish. and with a half order of bolgnese, perfectomondo.