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Feb 14, 2010 05:53 AM

The Big Salad

So if I wanted Elaine to drop-off (and take credit for) a big salad for lunch, where would it come from?

Looking South Loop to Lakeview for what you think are a few really good lunch salads.
No frisee please ;-)

What do you think?

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  1. My favorite salad is the "Chopped Salad with Chicken" at Maggiano's (not to be confused with their similar salad "Maggiano's Salad" which omits the avocado). It has a nice balance of different textures and flavors. The softness of the avocado and bleu cheese offset the crunch of the lettuce and prosciutto; the strong flavors of the prosciutto and bleu cheese offset the mildness of the lettuce. Their house dressing is great and works very well with the rest of the salad. It normally comes with diced chicken that I think is boiled, but when ordering I always have them substitute grilled chicken instead (and I ask them to leave off the green onions).

    It's available in two sizes. The smaller size is plenty for lunch for one person. I normally get the larger dinner size, and eat half of it and keep the other half for later; if you do this, don't dress the half you're saving until you actually sit down to eat it. When carrying out, the dressings normally come on the side so you don't have to ask for that specifically.

    1. Leona's chopped salad is gigantic and delicious. :)