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Feb 14, 2010 12:36 AM

Bangkok - help please! 1. trendy place 2. best green curry 3. best bars for drinks with views

Hoping to get some food help ;-)

In Bangkok now, have been loving the street food but don't seem to know where to go for a nice night out to a trendy place with great decor that still serve yummy food, something a bit sceny where my BF & I can go out for a night?

Also, seem to encounter only terribly greasy green curries... Tired of mediocracy. Where should I go for an amazing green chicken curry?

Any great spots for drinks? Views & decor are appreciated!

thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Good green curry is surprisingly difficult to find in Thailand and especially in Bangkok.

    I much prefer to make it myself. However if pressed for a restaurant, I would recommend a place off of Sukhumvit soi 22. I believe the name is Ruaan Mallika (spelling inconsistent when translating to english letters). It is fairly FAR down the soi. You will need a motorbike or taxi to go down the soi and then turn right at the 7-11 shop. The restaurant is on the right side. Most taxis have NO IDEA where the place is, or what you are talking about when you say the name. You will have better luck asking one of the motorbike taxis on Soi 22 near Sukhumvit.

    The restaurant is quite comfortable and is in an old style wooden Thai building. The menu is ridiculously large and at first glance is looks like a typical inauthentic tourist menu. However, the food is indeed well prepared and mostly caters to upper middle class Thai clientele. Just be sure to tell them you want full flavor.. .spicy, sour, salty, sweet... and not have things dumbed down for foreigners.

    The green curry is very well balanced, and relying on green chilies for the green color (which is traditional).

    Don;t confuse this restaurant with Ruaan Thai, which is on Soi 22 near Sukhimvit (actually across from the motorbike taxis). That restaurant is excellent Royal Thai food.. and has great Gon Sam Rot (prawns with sweet hot chili sauce) or Pla Lad Prik (fish with chili sauce). Pretty good Tom Khaa (coconut soup) also. Penang curry is decent. Green curry is acceptable, but not to the standard of Ruaan Mallika.

    These two restaurant will likely have a lot of the menu items that you like from restaurants outside of Thailand.. .that are often difficult to locate in Bangkok.

    1. The 2 best bars with views in Bangkok, IMHO:

      1) Sirocco at the Dome:

      2) Vertigo at the Banyan Tree:

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        We will be in Bangkok for 5 nights.Always enjoy your comments.
        Are the Veritgo or Sirocco bars worth going for food or just for drinks?

        1. re: Jerry L

          Only for drinks, I should think.

          I dined at Sirocco when it first opened a few years ago and absolutely LOVED the food then - true to its name, the cuisine was Mediterranean, with a Moroccan slant. But that was then, and I'd been hearing less than stellar views about the place ever since. The bar's still as cool as ever, as my visiting Italian friends last month can testify.

          Top on my itinerary on my next trip to Bangkok would be the F&B outlets in Conrad Hotel. Why? Because the new (since June '10) F&B Manager is none other than Jean-Philippe Joye, erstwhile restaurant manager of New York Grill at the sumptious Park Hyatt Tokyo, when/where Sofia Coppola filmed "Lost in Translation", and later F&B Manager at Singapore's historic Raffles Hotel. Interesting to see what M. Joye had done to Conrad's outlets.

        2. re: klyeoh

          I also like V9 at Sofitel Silom for the views. Not quite as breathtaking as Sirocco or Vertigo but much more affordable. Set up like a wine shop so the prices are not high if you buy by the bottle... and dress code less strict- just no flip flops.

        3. Best green curry I've found is at Nathorn Market (stall with curries outside and a restaurant-like seating area).

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          1. Skip the green curry and try things that are harder to find outside of Thailand (at least hard to find good version of). Look for Kao Man Gai Todt (fried chicken and soup, simple but lovely), Yam Pla Duk Fu (my personal favorite Thai dish), or simple Pad Gra Pao Moo sai Kai Dao (minced pork with Thai basil and a fried egg). These are all simple dishes, but you will not taste them the same outside of Thailand.