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Feb 13, 2010 08:38 PM

Red Line/Purple Line adjacent restaurants, preferably with no table service

Hey everyone!

Sorry if this seems strange. Here's the backstory first: we're having a party with friends in a few weeks. We've already decided where we're gonna meet for drinks (right next to the blue/red/purple line station on 7th and fig) but we're looking for a place to eat beforehand. Here's the criteria:

1. Since we're going to be a lot of people, we'd like a place that doesn't have table service (no reservations, no fussing and adding and confusing when the check comes).

2. Ideally this place would serve drinks and SINCE the place would have alcohol...

3. We'd like the place to be a short walk from either the red or purple line (blue line suggestions welcome too but i'm not sure there is that much).

It'd be awesome if it was a place like Wurstkuche (which is an option for us, but we're a little reluctant because we'd have to transfer to the gold line).

Anyway, any help at all is appreciated. I know this is a really particular request so if you can't help, that's fine too. Thanks you guys!!

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  1. Zankou Chicken at Normandie & Sunset is about a 10 minute walk from the Vermont/ Sunset Red Line station. It's not a drinks place though.