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Feb 13, 2010 08:38 PM

Cajun King Buffet Oklahoma City

Cajun King Buffet at N.W. 63rd and McArthur is a great new addition to the Oklahoma City chow scene. The owner used to own a restaurant across the street from the Superdome in New Orleans. It is located in a former Godfather's Pizza then Pancake house space in a strip mall so it is nothing fancy. I have been to southern Louisiana including Cajun country and New Orleans numerous times and this is the best attempt at cajun/creole soul food I have experienced in Oklahoma City. The buffet includes gumbo with a good thick roux, jambalaya, crawfish etoufee, collared greens, potatoes au gratin, red beans and rice, white beans, fried chicken (outstanding), blackened pork chops, catfish, corn bread, and bread pudding. They bring mini-beignets to your table that are tasty also. The buffet with a drink cost around $11.00. Good stuff.

Bigray in Ok

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  1. What was the name of his restaurant in New Orleans. I will have to check this out the next time I am over in OKC

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      I do not remember the name of the restaurant in New Orleans. I will ask again the next time I am in there.

      Bigray in Ok

    2. Thanks! Always looking for good new places in the metro.

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        The place the owner had in New Orleans was called Creole Celebration. It was in the Exxon/Mobile building.

        Bigray in Ok

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          Thanks, I don't remember it. I will try to get over to the city and check this place out. Golden Pheonix is hard to beat though.

      2. Went there tonight for dinner. This place was great! The fried chicken was breaded in a sweet & salty spiced breading that was delicious. The catfish amandine served at the table with the tiger dipping sauce was sublime. The collard greens are the best in Oklahoma City. The buffet was well-stocked and fresh and the staff were great.

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          Just wanting to know how the food is there? Just moved from Louisiana and I have pissed off a few people already cause the food here is bland. Really looking for some good food besides my own. And what's this golden Phoenix ????? Is that Cajun?????

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            The concept of good Louisiana style food here in Oklahoma is not something I have found yet. After several attempts at trying to find a decent gumbo, I have given up for now. As for the bland food, your in the Midwest now and in spite of how many people will try to tell you Oklahoma is the south, if you can't get grits at ANY place that serves breakfast then your not in the south.

            The Golden Pheonix is a chinese/vietnamese place on Classen at 27th. Some of the best Asian food I have found in Oklahoma. And I live in Tulsa.

            1. re: tiomano

              I've heard great things about Cajun King from two different people whose restaurant advice I take as truth. One, a former student of mine, restaurant cook & college student went there twice in one day just because he was still in town and couldn't bear not to.

              As for The Golden Phoenix, a friend and I stopped there because we could see the ducks hanging in the meat takeout section from all the way across the intersection. It was delicious and I hope to return. We were surrounded by a group of very elderly Asian ladies having a great time. We took that as all the recommendation needed.