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Feb 13, 2010 08:17 PM

Traditional Macarons - Best Recipe

I've been to Paris and lived 30 years while managing to never taste a traditional French macaron. But, while in Yountville today I picked up a few at Bouchon Bakery and...god, they're GOOD.

I am hell-bent on making them and after a good deal of Googling, this tutorial seems to be the best:

I am curious if anyone has any other recommendations or tips? I want to make sure they turn out perfectly and from what I have read they can be tough.

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  1. I don't have a recipe but there's a demo over at Egullet on making macarons. Apparantly they take some practice and experimentation. There's a recipe in Reply #7 there and a couple pages of discussion. Good luck and enjoy your macarons!

    Here's a link to much more information about macarons over there:

    1. Most definitely this one w/tutorial:

      Edit: Ohh, I see that you need to be a member now. You can look on her website ( and get multiple recipes. Also, if you google PDF Tartlette Macaron tutorial, you'll get a file somewhere...