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Feb 13, 2010 06:33 PM

Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup

I just bought boneless chicken thighs, organic carrots, onions, Wide Egg Noodles and chicken broth. My plan is to make a spicy chicken noodle soup and I wondered if I boiled the chicken in a broth infused with cayenne, chili powder, paprika, garlic, and fresh herbs. Then Saute the onions and carrots and then make a roux so the soup will thicken then add back in broth and cook till carrots are soft and put the noodles in making sure their is enough liquid and once cooked put the diced chicken back in. I just wonder if it will turn out good and if I should cook the noodles in water first before adding them in the soup. And I will add in hot sauce to taste in the end if not spicy enough. I just want a nice hearty chicken noodle soup that is mildly spicy to open my sinuses and is thickened slightly but with out adding cream. Any ideas on how to improve on this idea or should I go ahead with it as I descripted.

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  1. are you making witch's brew or soup?

    White pepper and ginger root are the way to go.

    Cook the noodles in the soup.

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      1. I would research hot and sour soup (Chinese) and go from there because it is similar to what you are describing if you made it with chicken and eliminated some of the Chinese ingredients.

        1. Cayenne, chili powder paprika, and garlic? That's a lot of spice - I don't think you'll need hot sauce on top of it all. In fact if it were me I'd use a bit less... unless the whole point is more sinus remedy than a soothing bowl of soup??

          In terms of method - I've never used a roux - always just started with herbs, carrots, celery & onion, added broth chicken and noodles(if I use wide I break them up in the bag so they fit better on the spoon) and simmered til the noodles were cooked through.

          1. "Slightly spicy," eh? You're a man after my own tastebuds.