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Feb 13, 2010 06:29 PM

Best in Shoreline / Northgate

Howdy Chowhounders-

I find myself making the trip north to the Shoreline area once a week, and since I never miss a chance to try some place new when I leave the cozy confines of my Seattle neighborhood, I'd love recommendations for great places to check out.

I am already well acquainted with the charms of the Korean restaurant area along 99 in Lynnwood, but what else is tucked away in this mysterious neighborhood? 99 looks like it's bursting with interesting ethnic food options and there's lots of places around Northgate Mall, but I have no idea what are the best choices.

Who can help me to better appreciate my neighbors to the north?


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  1. I think it's worth travelling a little farther up 99 to Lynnwood to visit Szechuan 99. The house made tofu is great and I haven't found it anyplace else. It's best to stick to the Szechuan dishes or Chef's specialties.

    The Seafood delight is a really good non-spicy option.

    I also like Casper's for ribs and fried okra.

    1. Check out Grinders on 99 just south of the Aurora Village Costco. Amazing sandwiches and soups located in a cozy space that features live jazz on Saturday evenings.

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        I second Grinders. I've had their Italian Sausage sandwich and their Goomba and both were awesome. I've never eaten there, but they do have some good beers and it is a cozy space.

      2. I'm not sure which Korean place you are referring to... there must be 50 Korean restaurants on 99 between Seattle and Everett.
        I like the tofu soup and panchan at Cho Dang in Lynnwood. And Chicky Pub fried chicken is excellent.
        For a sit-down Korean meal, bbq etc, I've been going to Kaya in Shoreline. It's good, but not truly great. I go because it's convenient, comfortable, and the staff is very nice.

        I must disagree about Caspers. We tried the new location in Shoreline. The ribs are pre-cooked and then sauced. Not happy with the food. For ribs and brisket I go to Gabriel's Fire in Ballard. Worth the trip.

        I very much like El Sabor Mexican in Shoreline. I love the chicken soup, taquitos rancheros, tacos. Don't bother with the guacamole.

        It's not ethnic, but I LOVE Redline Burgers in Lynnwood. (Not the same as Red Mill burgers.) They make a great quality burger. I get bacon burger with roasted peppers. Fresh-made fries. Good onion rings. Very friendly place.

        Also, for a nice comfortable sit-down meal, I like Scott's Bar and Grill. Big place, large menu, all good quality. Their desserts are really good.

        If you like Greek food, try Time Out Burgers in Mountlake Terrace (close to Shoreline). Very nice Greek food. If you get a Greek salad, ask for the imported feta cheese.
        There's a Greek place in Edmonds called Kafe Neo. I don't like the food, but the place is very nice and I've heard some wonderful Greek singers there. I would go to hang out and drink, but not for a meal.

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        1. re: val ann c

          Thanks for the tips! Tried El Sabor last night -- I thought it was pretty good, definitely the enchiladas I had tasted of Mexico (must be the Cotija cheese). My wife got a carnitas plate that was awesome (the enchiladas were just kind of OK).

          Keep the ideas coming!

          1. re: pusherman

            Cocina Esperanza, 3127 Northwest 85th Street, is a neighborhood Mexican place that presents interesting specials.

            1. re: val ann c

              Redline Burgers is incredibly medicre (and overpriced). Fries are good though. Go instead to Five Guys Burgers in Northgate or Red Mill Burgers.

              Red Mill Burgers
              312 N 67th St, Seattle, WA 98103

            2. Our favorite in the Northgate area is Saffron Grill-great Indian from the former owner of Cedars, I believe. We love everything we've had there, especially the butter chicken.

              1. Can't believe no one has listed these yet! I would highly recommend Saltoro, on 143rd and Greenwood. It is delicious, unpretentious Italian. Their sister-resturaunt, Bicks, is at 107th and Greenwood, and does more homestyle-foods with a cajun flare (Eat the Heat is their motto). Both have great full bars, several yummy apps (share the GIANT order of truffle fries at Saltoro), and a short list of solid regular plates, as well as daily chalkboard specials at Bicks. They are both only open for dinner, and I would rate them as $$ out of $$$$. They have never disappointed me!

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                  Saltoro really flies under the radar. I forget about it even though I've had many very good meals there (I haven't been in a year and a half, though).